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Check A Pig and Know Your Rights Training

upcoming training at Liberty Hall
August 10th 2pm--4pm at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy)

Know Your Rights and Check A Pig (how to Copwatch) Training
presented by NoPo CopStop

Learn your rights when dealing with the police and how to organize community pressure to check the pigs.

for more info on the training or how to get involved  nopocopstop@gmail.com

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Respect is earned 06.Aug.2008 08:08


I happen to know Joe Rowe and he is not a cop.

But he does offer a viewpoint that would resonate with a pretty substantial number of people. They are in fact, the same people who speak of radicals messing up nice peaceful protest rallys. They are the same people who ridiculed the group who burned a soldier in effigy. They are the same people who pointed out "trouble-makers" to the cops at the "World can't wait" protest in PDX. They are the same people who claim they support the aproaches of Martin Luther King and Ghandi and who are quick to criticize the Black Panthers and the ELF. They are the same people who have bought into the idea that there are acceptable forms of dissent and unacceptable forms of dissent and they have also crowned themselves the judge of which is which.

They call for unity on the left, but they never miss an opportunity to criticize those who see things differently. They are self-annointed desciples of peace and the judges of who helps bring about change and who hurts that progress.

The problem is that they have a poor understanding of the history of the United States and what methods have been successful in expediting change and which methods have continually failed. They are unaware of the radical actions of the people they profess to follow and in many ways are analogous to cults in that they remain faithful to an ideology regardless of the evidence of it's failure and lack of effectiveness. But the worst thing about them is that they are exactly what "the state" ordered.

Decimate the unity of "the left" by dividing us based on tactics.

If you don't think policemen should be called Pigs, don't call them pigs.
If you don't think a brick through a bank window is good thing to do, don't do it.
If you blocking a logging road or a freeway should be done, don't block a logging road or freeway.
If you don't think radical agitation is effective in expediting change, hold a sign on the corner and sing give peace a chance.

Unlike you, I will not criticize or lecture you.
You are doing what you are comfortable with and what makes sense to you.
Every contribution to resistance has value.

Now it is time for those who speak of non-violence and respect and acceptable forms of dissent, to understand that as well.

Not pigs 09.Aug.2008 09:34


I'm happy to see another copwatch organization in Portland and I applaud organizers for the time committment to the cause.

While Stevethegreen has a valid point about devisive tactics, I would remove calling cops pigs from the list of things which should be recognized as valid, if not our own, tactics. Oppressive language is not something that should be hands-off as we critique each other and move forward, but something we should all recognize, educate ourselves about, and help remove from our shared movement.

I am sad that a new group seems solidly intent on using an oppressive term as part of their vernacular. The problem with the term "pigs" used as an insult is that it says a person is pig-like- short, bristly, unintelligent (I know pigs are intelligent, but that's not part of the connotative meaning of the insult "pig"), slow, and, mostly, fat. Using pig to insult cops says that it is not okay to be all, or any, of those things.

I hope that NoPo Copstop will reconsider the name of their workshop and continue their work in the community to hold cops accountable for their actions, help the public be more prepared to deal with the cops, and help build a community free from oppression.

How to start a cop watch of your own, with or without use of "pig" put down 10.Aug.2008 21:10

Joe Rowe

The No Po Cop watch has done a good thing and acting rather than just talking.
THey also suggest the same of anyone.

I'm not inactive liberal that people have used to put me down. It is no wonder why indymedia is not loved by most of the public. To post your own opinion leaves you open to name calling and attacks by so called "peace activists".

What have I done? I'm doing something. I'm started to get the neighborhood together. I just moved and there is no pre-existing group. Part of that means we will invite the city crime prevention people. I also plan to invite a "portland cop watch" person to our neighborhood group

What Portland really needs is a human bill of rights
- Cops can't stop you and just ask for your ID
- Youth are allowed to hang out without harassment
- People can't be pulled over in inequitable ways while driving
- Humans can be houseless in public areas
- People don't have to keep re-defending their rights in the Oregon Constitution
- Crime prevention includes crimes of City Staff

To help ensure equal access to City programs, services and activities, the
City of Portland will reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide
auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities. Call , or
the City's TTY at , or the Oregon Relay Service at
no less than five (5) business days prior to the event.

Havilah Ferschweiler
Crime Prevention Program Coordinator-North Portland
City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement


4.5 million in taxpayer waste due to police misconduct