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Photogs from Portland Climate Convergence Action

Today, August 4, 2008, in the final event of the Climate Convergence, about two dozen people participated in a multi faceted rally, street theater, and march to NW Natural Gas.
Preparing the Banner Drop
Preparing the Banner Drop
And Again
And Again
Sign Reads: 6 More Lanes = More Sick People. NO EXPANSION
Sign Reads: 6 More Lanes = More Sick People. NO EXPANSION
The first portion of the action took place along the Portland Waterfront, just north of the west side of the Hawthorne Bridge, where, amid chants and exhortations in favor of riding bicycles, tickets were given to mock automobiles by officers of the Oil Enforcement Agency. Replete with chants and signs, the event was mainly organized around resistance to the proposed 6 lane I-5 bridge over the Columbia River.

Leaving there the gathering marched along the Waterfront, where at the Morrison Bridge they came upon a young man locked down on an access ramp to the Morrison Bridge. As the group arrived, a young woman climbed the structure of the bridge and unfurled a banner which read, "6 More Lanes = More Sick People NO EXPANSION."

At the beginning by the Hawthorne Bridge, all along the Waterfront as well as at NW Natural Gas, the atmosphere was jovial and festive, with much singing and dancing to music rolled along in a little wagon.

After various negotiations with the Portland Police and Fire Department officials, the march continued to the offices of Northwest Natural Gas, where a small but vocal crowd had already gathered in support of three women who had locked down between the doors leading into the offices of NW Natural Gas. Since the lock down didn't block access to the building, and I suspect also because NW Natural officials didn't want any more negative publicity, there was no removal or arrests at the scene.

The three voluntarily unlocked at about 5:00, signalling the end of the event and also the end of the Second Climate Convergence.

For video of the final event of last years Climate Convergence at the Offices of PacifiCorp.

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Video of the event 17.Aug.2008 13:20

Jim Lockhart

Here's a link to my post to Portland IMC with a 15 minute video of the event