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9.11 investigation

U.S. Army / Ft. Detrick Has Open Position for Sociopathic, Homicidal Killer

Recent opening needs to be filled.

U.S. Army / Ft. Detrick Has Open Position for Sociopathic, Homicidal Killer

Ft. Detrick seeks a sociopathic, homicidal killer with experience in bioterrorism, anthrax, and the U.S. Postal Service to fill a recently opened position at our "bio-defense" lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland. The qualified individual must have been diagnosed multiple times by top psychiatrists and confirmed to be a certified psychopath. Candidates must pass a rigorous background check and demonstrate a firm and unquestioned commitment to American values. Candidate must be willing to post letters with toxic content during the wee hours of the morning at remote locations. For more information, please send a resume and a copy of your psychiatric evaluations to the address listed below.

810 Schreider Street
Fort Detrick, Maryland 21702-5000

homepage: homepage: http://www.anarkhos.org/randomarticles/jobopportunity.html

The thing that everybody overlooks about this case... 04.Aug.2008 00:07

Fred Bauer

Is that Biological weapons of mass destruction are illegal under the Biological and Chemical Weapons Convention signed under Nixon as well as many other widely accepted international treaties starting with the Geneva Protocol. Many know this and yet nobody points this out in the mainstream media. They just pretend like nothing's wrong. They don't even call out the "justice department" to tap dance around the issue like they did for torture and false imprisonment.