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Firebombs target UCSC Vivisectors

Early Saturday morning fires broke out at the homes of two UCSC researchers; destroying a car and damaging the home of another vivisector. The police claim that devises "significantly larger than a Molotov cocktail" were used to start the blazes. No group has claimed responsibility, but the fires come on the heels of an aggressive campaign by animal rights activists to stop the needless killing of thousands of animals inside the University of California-Santa Cruz.
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details 03.Aug.2008 17:14


Some of this sounds really weird.
First of all, UC Santa Cruz does not have a medical school, and you actually have to search through lots and lots of names in the biology department listings to even find faculty who sound like they do any experiments. Most of the biologists there are doing things like observing birds or lizards out in a grassland, or something else in the field, or they have starfish in a tank or injured falcons in a cage. Basically, it's not OHSU at all. This flyer which listed 12 faculty's home addresses was conveniently found in a local coffeeshop 4 days beforehand, and it included people who apparently do genetics with drosophila fruit flies, so they're basically listing anybody at all at this small school who they could find on the internet. Meanwhile, there is a medical school 25 miles away at Stanford, and another big medical school 70 miles away, so why would anyone with a clue focus on Santa Cruz.
Also, is it true that the second person hit (the burned car) was not a researcher, but they just assume that a biology researcher at the same condo complex was the target?

One faculty that was hit was on this list of addresses, and the sequence of events implies that someone was motivated by finding this flyer to put together a molotov cocktail? I can't tell whether to be suspicious that the flyer was deliberately released to make it look like a large group was planning this, or to wonder if the real person responsible was so absolutely careless that he/she/it didn't worry at all about the people in the coffeehouse watching while they post the flyers, or didn't bother to think that the faculty on the list (or police) could set up hidden cameras at the front of their house.