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Shame of being an american

The Shame of being an American

This is a compilation of articles written by right thinking
Americans against American invasion of Iraq. They tell us why they are ashamed
of being American in the "wake of plunder and flames"
and also for "racist imagery and humiliation and the
color of Abu Ghraib".

Name of author :M.A.Hussain
ISBN : 978-81-905861- 1-5

Download it here in pdf format:

 http://avantgardepublications.com/shame_ on_america.pdf

 http://apostatesofislamagainstamerica.com/shame_ on_america.pdf

and here in html format:

 http://avantgardepublications.com/shame_ on_america. htm

 http://apostatesofislamagainstamerica.com/shame_ on_america. htm


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