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Elder Abyse and Financial Exploitation

Beware, the law does not protect you. If someone claims your assets, you have little to fight with, including your own Will, A valid Living Will, or even a Power of Attorney - at least in Oregon
It is useless to even try to get an Elder Law attorney, IF you don't have the money to fight for you. You are wasting the relatively low retainer fees, and when there is too much to fight, they drop it back into your lap, and the Justivce Department claims to have no funnds to come to your aid, if you are not among the "Indigant"

It took over 10 years to gather evidence, only to find out my evidence filed in court was "lost" and only 10 years after I lost everything to the perpetrator, was I able to prove, that my documents were simply forgotten to be entered into the record, and my assets processed through Probate court without my knowledge, until too late.

A blank Trust was sent to me, unsigned, not notarized or any other certification on it, that a judge was supposed to have enforced, taken all under Trust until I die for the benefit of the perpetrator and his attorney, who deceived the courts by fraud.

No AARP, Social Services, or the Governor Kulongoski's Elder Abuse task force was able or willing to help, once the courts were involved. I had to fight alone - but I did it, Finally the perpetrator and his sleazy attorney got wind that their fraud has been discovered. They are presently in Default since April 2008, while I wait for the return of my assets, basically my rights to my own assets, (my earnings over a lifetime of work) taken in violation of my Constitutional right as well as Oregon's Constitution.

But anytime you are naive oin even mentioning your Constitutional rights, the authorities believe you are nuts.