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CRASH THE RNC: Stand with the Bay Area and Join the Resistance in St. Paul

Bay Area, Santa Cruz, and other Northern California radicals have banded together as "Unconventional Action (UA) in the Bay" and collectively chosen to adopt SECTOR 4 in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota ? in alliance with thousands of others nationwide who are collaborating to swarm the Republican National Convention on day one, September 1st.

Call-out to Individuals, Affinity Groups, and Regional Clusters
Call-out to Individuals, Affinity Groups, and Regional Clusters

The RNC Welcoming Committee in the Twin Cities called for a Bay Area regional commitment for blockades, direct action, and other protest mischief at the RNC. We intend to give it to them. Our region has a strong history of resisting oppression at home and abroad. Now it's time to stand up again.

UA in the Bay is calling on activists and radicals of all stripes ? global justice, peace, equality, queer, environmental, public, militant, anarchist, socialist, NGOs, student groups, marching bands ? to join us in holding Sector 4 in solidarity with those committed to crashing the corrupt spectacle that is the RNC. While we are excited about the possibilities for convention delegate blockades and autonomous direct actions in Sector 4, we are committed to a world-altering process that allows everyone to have a voice in envisioning that which we are collectively trying to create. It is important that individuals and groups who cannot risk imprisonment have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in anti-convention activities. With that in mind, UA in the Bay has designated several key spaces within our sector with the potential for both blockades and low-risk demonstrations.

SECTOR 4 is one of seven sectors that surround the Xcel Center, home of the 2008 Republican National Convention. Organizers from coast to coast representing a variety of different communities are adopting other sectors. UA in the Bay has done reconnaissance within our sector and identified several key points that allow for civil disobedience blockades and autonomous direct actions, as well as for safer non-arrestable forms of creative protest. I-35E, including off-ramps and overpasses, and three street intersections have been identified as critical points for kicking off the fun the morning of September 1st. Bring overpass banners, musical instruments, puppets, protest signs, and of course devices for creating hard blockades around the convention center if you so choose. Whatever you do, plug in with UA in the Bay and come prepared. Contact uainthebay [at] lists.riseup.net and let us know where you and/or your group might be interested in locating or roaming.

Join us in Sector 4! Our strength will be in our numbers and collective ingenuity as we crash the RNC party.

Sunday, August 10th, 3-7pm
Long Haul Infoshop, 3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

#1: Thursday, August 14th, 8pm
The Eagle Tavern, 398 12th St., SF
#2: Saturday, August 16th, 4pm
Albany Bulb, Albany
(check UA in the Bay web page for updates)

St. Paul, MN



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