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911 Anthrax Patsy Commits "Suicide"

The Latest "Richard Jewel" is driven to kill himself ...
Biodefense researcher Bruce E. Ivans, 62, who was the FBI's 'prime suspect' in the post-911 Anthrax attacks, has apparently taken his own life. The FBI has said publicly they were seeking the death penalty for him. This guy was the latest "Richard Jewel", whom the FBI persecuted for years for supposedly planting the Atlanta Olympics bomb. They ruined his life and he was innocent and they knew it. He was a HERO who tried to help, but they set him up. They set up Ivans too. His lawyers swear he's innocent and there is nothing in his background that spells 'traitor' or 'murder'. He played organ in his church every Sunday for decades. Today's NY Times spells out the constant harrassment and pressure worthy of any Stasi or Gestapo. 911 has just reared it's ugly head in a very real way. Like after the JFK assassination conspiracy, there's an endless supply of patsies and people who knew too much who died mysteriously. Couple this 'suicide' with the sham trials in Guantanamo (worthy of Kafka if any trial ever was) and you see the awful face of false-flag deception and the 911 murderers' continuing shell-game of trying to hide their horrible deeds behind the dead bodies of innocent and patriotic Americans. As soon as that Anthrax was traced to Fort Detreich they had to come up with a patsy quick, and Ivans was their hapless target. They tried it first on another Pentagon scientist, but he fought it and won millions in a settlement. So Ivans, a laid-back sort of fellow, took the fall. The 911 coverup just rolls on and on, just like JFK...