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Oly SDS continues struggle in tacoma, alone

Soaked, cold, worn out after wandering the wastelands of Tacoma, we finally find the port of tacoma and hordes of police
Lost dazed and confused in the dark and rain, Olympia SDS following Jeff and Wally takes three and a half hours to find the port. Where was everyone? Where were all the brave posters from Tacoma and Olympia? Why was it left to Jeff and Wally to lead a cold, wet, hungry group of Olympia SDS on a long and difficult trek through the vastness of Tacoma? Now as we prepare for another day of struggle, the ship is leaving and the strikers are safely at fort lewis where they will be, as Wally says refurbished to go again to Iraq and on to Iran. thursday night was the night, we were small in number but large in spirit Qnd yet we were abandoned, forced to act alone. surrounded by tacoma bike pigs, cars, and riot cops with a free protest zone, which we ingored. two of our group dared the police, brave women both, they ended up on the pavement and drug by the hair into captivity by hulkish police with cavemen mentalities and actions

Now it is over, we cant get close enough to quarentine the port, the pigs control the roads, the ship is gone, and the strikers are back on fort lewis