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Tell us your personal story about an animal who acted heroically and you can appear in this documentary about animals.
Each year, humans give each other awards for outstanding work on behalf of non-human animals ["animals"], and those are well deserved. However, the time has come for us to recognize the amazing efforts of these animals who continue to save our lives and each others' as well, sometimes surpassing our bravery in sheer unconditional love and sacrifice. Please contact www.beyondproductions.com and send us your best story; we especially welcome first-hand experiences which happened in the northwest U.S., such as the one which occurred on an Oregon beach: "Brave Norman" is a book by Andrew Clements. "Annette adopted a blind yellow lab from the pound named Norman. The beach is the only place Norman could run free because he is blind[!!!]. One day, as Annette and Norman were walking along the beach, Norman cocked his ears and started running. He heard something no one else could hear -- the cries of someone in danger. Lisa, 15, had been swimming with her brother and got caught in the strong current. Norman swam toward her cries, and with Annette's voice guiding him, pulled Lisa back to shore. Lisa considers her dog Norman to be her guardian angel." Many people remember the story of Lulu, the pig who saved a woman who suffered a heart attack -- Lulu pushed through the small rectangular opening in the door, getting lacerated, ran through the yard, opened the gate and lay down in the road until a car stopped.... Others certainly remember the story of Binti Jua -- a famous Gorilla Hero who saved a 3 year old boy in 1996....a golden Retriever who performed the Heimlich maneuver, and thousands of dogs and pigeons who were used (sometimes unwillingly)in various wars. Please do a web search and see the video of a crow feeding an abandoned kitten for months, or type in "animal heroes" to check out over 300,000 available documentation on the subject. (Our long-term goal is to create a memorial of recognition on the scale of the Aids Quilt or the Vietnam Wall.) For now, however, please contact us and if you're chosen, see yourself on the big screen! Watch the trailer of this film at "thewaronanimals.org." Thanks!

contact information 25.Jul.2008 13:53

Courtney Scott

If you know of an animal hero, contact me through the film's website:  http://www.beyond-productions.com/
or at:  courtney@scottwork.com