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Contact Drilltech Inc. - Subcontractors of Vivisection at UC Berkeley

Action alert - Contact for companies and individuals involved in the construction of new vivisection laboratory at UC Berkeley.
Please repost this anywhere and everywhere you see fit.

Apparently ashamed of their involvement in the construction of University of California-Berkeley's $266 million Li Ka-Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences at University Avenue and Oxford Way in Berkeley, Drilltech Drilling & Shoring Inc. (www.drilltechdrilling.com) has covered up all the logos on their equipment at the site with black garbage bags.

Scheduled for completion in March 2010, the facility will include a basement level vivisection laboratory that would increase UCB's existing Northwest Animal Facility by seventy percent. 40,000 non-human animals are already held at the university and experimented on. This means that tens of thousands more animals will suffer and die in any given year at UC Berkeley. The City Council and the ASUC student senate have both passed non-binding resolutions calling for an end to non-human primate vivisection, a practice that continues at the university to this day; as well as calling on the university to decrease the number of animals experimented on.

Please contact this company and let them know how you feel about their assistance in the torture of thousands of sentient beings in the name of unethical, fraudulent science.

Northern California Office
2200 Wymore Way
Antioch, CA 94509
Phone: 925-978-2060
Fax: 925-978-2063

Southern California Office
22223 Forest Boundary Road
Corona, CA 92883
Phone: 951-277-9700
Fax: 951-277-9701

Their site also has a convenient comment section at:

Also, please continue to contact the folks at McCarthy Building Inc. (www.mccarthy.com) Northern Pacific Division, the General Contractor for the facility at:

343 Sansome Street, 14th Floor
San Francisco, California 94104
415-397-5151 (phone)
415-397-5999 (fax)

Richard A. Henry, President, McCarthy Building Contractors, Northern Pacific Division
415-397-5151 ext. 1308

Frances Choun, Vice President, Business Development, McCarthy Building Contractors, Northern Pacific Division
415-397-5151 ext. 1314

Be sure to also contact the folks at UC Berkeley Capital Projects and let them know how you feel:

Teri Mathers, Project Manager UC Berkeley Facilities Services/Capital Projects
1936 University Avenue, Room 232
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Phone: 510-643-1428
Fax: 510-643-3309

Robert G. Bluhm, Assistant Director UC Berkeley Facilities Services/Capital Projects
1936 University Avenue, Room 222
Berkeley, CA 94720
Office Phone: 510-643-7166
Fax: 510-642-7271

Disclaimer: Please keep all communications legal. We do not engage in nor encourage any illegal activity.

For more information on the Stop Cal Vivisection campaign, visit:

homepage: homepage: http://www.pixelexdesign.com/stopcalvivisection