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An Open Letter to Those Brave Souls Destined to Protest the DNC/RNC

Some well wishes for friends descending deeper into the belly of the beast.
It is clear to anyone who reads this site that the state of affairs in our time are out of balance completely. Furthermore, the people placed in political power are contributing to and conniving for an even worse fate than what we can presently see. Rising global temperatures, multiple wars killing tens of thousands of civilians, rampant misinformation and manipulation from the media, collusion and ignorance in communities of faith purporting to teach love and peace, starvation, depleted soils, dying oceans, leveled forests, toxic waste piling up from nuclear technology we cannot dispose of without considering half lives that stretch into the millions of years. The list goes on.

In the face of this, those in power fine tune their oppression. Draconian laws, less than lethal weapons, bigger jails, mysterious detention camps, nameless jack booted thugs, and free reign to wire tap, arrest and pretty much screw anyone, citizen or not, into oblivion are all part of their bag of tricks. It is 1984 on hyper drive and still "they" are not satisfied. The plan of course is to tighten and exploit more.

To you brave enough to stand up to all of this, I applaud you. Your courage and passion must draw from the deepest wells of strength, from a love that burns through the threats, impossible odds and bull shit to reach a core of true humanness. You are the true members of the human family. Unpolluted by the droning unending propaganda and siren call of the mainstream lies, you see our world for what it is. A place run amuck in greed and fear, and a place worth redeeming.

No one here knows what the future holds as far as I can tell. Your choice to resist is significant though, and it bodes well for our time. I for one am glad that you, nay we, keep the truth in front of us and imagine the future we will help bring into being.

As it has been said, Mother Earth always bats last and you my friends our in the lineup as well. Be smart out there and remember to kick them where it hurts.

In solidarity - a ally