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Introducing Bash Back! News

This year the US has seen an explosion in Radical Trans/Queer organizing. From Maine to the Midwest to The Bay Area, RadiQueers are holding it down. Pride events have been crashed, glitter bombs have been thrown, and militant marches have taken the streets. In a month's time, Trannies and Queermos will play a major role in crashing both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.
BB! News has been launched in an effort to collect stories and disseminate information to radical Trannies and Queers throughout the US and beyond.

BB! News is not limited to Bash Back! chapters. Any and all radical trans/queer folk are welcome to use this site to plug actions/events, reportback, distribute propaganda, release manifestos and communiques, etc.

BB! News has a section specifically devoted to the providing yall with all of the information you need to plug into the strategy for crashing the Conventions.


homepage: homepage: http://www.bashbacknews.wordpress.com