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Call PETA to Protest Transphobic Ad

PETA is running an anti-KFC ad using a picture of a prominent drag queen and the words "Sometimes big, bright packages contain dirty little secrets."
Picture of the ad borrowed from bilerico.com
Picture of the ad borrowed from bilerico.com
This ad plays on the idea that some people who look like beautiful women are actually gross, icky men underneath. This is insulting to all gender variant people. We are beautiful, our bodies are beautiful, we can wear whatever we want, and if people assume things about our genders it is their problem, not ours.
Trans people, usually trans women, are murdered at shockingly high rates. Their killers frequently claim that their victims deceived them by dressing appropriately to their gender identity.
Nobody's body should be compared to a monstrous corporation built on torture and murder. And no organization that claims to work for social change can excuse encouraging oppressive myths that cause violence and death.

PETA's number is:(757)622-7382.
Press one to get to a directory, then spell "Newkirk" (6395475) to reach the president.

You can also email them via their webpage: www.peta.org/about/c-email_peta.asp

fuck that 23.Jul.2008 15:46

fed up

Wow you can always count on PETA to pull stupid fucking shit like this.

transphobia or drag culture? 24.Jul.2008 00:10


As a trans person, and one who has lived with the negative social response of "It's a guy" in my daily life for almost a decade now, and who possibly could be made uncomfortable with this billboard, I suppose I still do have questions about this billboard and the author's response to it.

Lady Bunny has made a reputation and a living as a drag performer. Many drag queen performers do not identify as trans women, and many deliberately and proudly play up the "I'm a guy" routine as part of their comedy schtick. Lady Bunny could very willingly be in on any inside joke involving this billboard.

Unfortunately, most folks aren't aware of the nuance and subtlety of transgender identity politics, and may mistake Lady Bunny for a trans woman, which for a drag queen sometimes is just as insulting as it is for some trans women to be interpreted as a drag queen. And hence, I can see how this could seem transphobic to some, yet at the same time, to say that almost would be dragphobic.

Perhaps PETA should be a little more concscientious of the feelings of certain communities to their communications materials? I have seen progressive drag troupes hold community dialogues around the issue of possibly stepping-on and invisibilizing other gender experiences, and perhaps something like this may have helped prevent any ill-feelings from anyone over this billboard.

But still, check out the full poster from the PETA website........Lady Bunny, you're friggin' faaaabuuulooous!!!!  http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com/pdfs/ad-ladybunny.pdf

Link to Bilerico 30.Jul.2008 01:39