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Barack Obama Evades Questions About His Role In Rezko Scandal

If you believe that Barack Obama is honest with the American public about his Rezko involvement then you must read this story.
For over a month the Sun-Times tried to interview Mr. Obama about his knowledge of the Rezko scandal. To quote from page 2 of 4 of the story ( Obama and his Rezko ties, by Tim Novak of the Chicago Sun-Times ) This story is also titled ( Barack Obama and his slumlord patron ). The quote is from the section titled ( Obama role unclear ). "For five weeks, the Sun-Times sought to interview Obama about Rezko and the housing deals." "His staff wanted written questions." "It responded Sunday but left many questions unanswered." "Other answers didn't directly address the question." It seems to me that if Mr. Obama is a new and different kind of politician who will work with democrats and republicans to solve the problems of this country then he should not be dodging reporters with questions about his role in the Rezko scandal. Evading the news media with legitimate questions about a scandal does not invoke an image of integrity. To quote from the story ( What You Didn't Know About Obama and Rezko, by Rick Moran at Pajamas Media ). The quote is from paragraph 6 of the section titled ( Just What Did Obama Do In Return For Rezo's Support? ). "Obama has denied doing any favors for Rezko." "He is right." "Putting pressure on bureaucrats to give a crony a contract worth $855,000 in personal fees is beyond favor and enters the realm of corrupt deal." Read the story ( Obama and Rezko: CNN Omits the Nub of the Story ) at ( LaRouche Political Action Commit... ).
To quote from the story ( Why not let Clinton keep the four Michigan delegates? by Alex Koppelman ). The quotes are from paragraph 1. "It's unheard of and unprecedented in this party." "To take delegates from a candidate and give them to another candidate is quite incredible." To quote from the story ( Hillary's Excuse to Fight On? by Jay Newton Small at Swampland - Time ). The quotes are from paragraph 1 of the section titled ( Actual Election Results Must Control the Allocation of Michigan Delegates ). "the delegate allocation that the Michigan challenge proposes has no foundation in law or rule." "Neither the DNC Rules nor the Michigan Delegate Selection Plan allow arbitrary reallocation of Uncommitted delegates to a candidate or arbitrary reallocation of delegates from one candidate to another." Read the story ( Seat all delegates, Clinton lawyer urges ) at ( CNN Politics.com ). Read the story ( Clinton Strategist: Obama Isn't Entitled to Michigan Delegates, by Mark Phillips at wsj.com ). wsj.com stands for ( The Wall Street Journal ).
Read the story ( Barack Obama Becomes Democratic Presidential Nominee By Cheating, Posted June 11, 2008 ) at Columbus Indymedia.
To understand Barack Obama and his Rezko scandal read the story ( Barack Obama Favors Early Release of Sex Offenders From Prison, Posted February 14, 2008 ) at Columbus Indymedia.