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Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver): Another Kiewit Truck Swallowed By Fire

In the early morning of Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 a truck belonging to Peter Kiewit and Sons, parked off of Victoria Drive, was lit on fire. Kiewit is making a(nd) killing off of the development of the Sea to Sky Highway. This highway development, along with the new high speed train line linking the airport to downtown, and the construction of new power lines through Tsawwassen communities, is paving the way for an intensification of development, resource extraction, tourism, ecological devastation and repression. Progress is a weapon used by the rich to impose the resulting misery of their projects upon our lives. This action was done in solidarity with people attacking capitalist projects everywhere, from Six Nations and their battles in Ontario to the people who made "deep cuts" in the new power line poles and threatened developers with crowbars inTsawwassen. We are at war and our promise to developers and the pigs that protect them, their projects, and world is simple: as long as you build alienation and exploitation into our lives and territory we will not hesitate to consume your nightmares with our fire!