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Indigenous Resistance on Film:

Indigenous Resistance on Film:
Fundraiser for No Olympics on Stolen Native Land West Cost Tour
Saturday, July 26th. First film at 6:30pm
Spartacus Books (684 Hasting Street- phone 604-688-6138)
Coast Salish Territory

* Suggested Donation of $5 - $8 (no one turned away)

* Snacks available

* All movies will start with 5 minutes of their listed time. Please feel
free to come for one or all.

* Tabled by Native 2010 Resistance ~ t-shirts, patches and
educational material.

On Saturday, July 26th the Olympic Resistance Network (ORN) will screen a
series of films on Indigenous Resistance to over 515 years of rape,
murder, colonization and genocide. This event will be a fundraiser to
help send two members of Native 2010 Resistance to more than 10 Indigenous
communities as part of a 'West Coast Tour' to generate resistance against
the 2010 Winter Olympics.

For over 515 years, Indigenous communities all across Turtle Island have
been resisting the full might of European colonization and genocide. Scape
bounties, residential schools, forced relocation, biological warfare
and out right rape and murder are on the list of acts committed by the
'Canadian' state. With the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics on Coast Salish
Territories local Indigenous communities are feeling the massive
encroachment onto their home lands even more; yet Indigenous people
continue to resist and protect their communities, families and their

==> 6:30pm ~ A Place Called Chiapas
Is a Canadian documentary about the Zapatista Army of National
Liberation (EZLN). It follows the lives of the EZLN soldiers and the
people for whom they fight. This is a great documentary covering the
Indigenous struggles in Mexico.

==> 8:00pm - Shell Blockade of the Sacred Headwaters
In 2005 members of the Tahltan First Nation put shell on notice
and demanded they stop coalbed methane drilling and exploration in
their traditional territory.
==> 8:15pm - Saving the Sacred Headwaters
On Aug 21, 2007 the Tahltan elders of Iskut and Telegraph creek
blockaded Shell from resuming their destructive Coalbed Methane
operations in the Sacred Headwaters. This is the latest in an ongoing
battle over resource development at the birthplace of three of Canada's
great salmon rivers, a place aboriginal groups consider sacred.

==> 8:30pm ~ This is Coast Salish Territory
A short film on the direct action blockage at 12th and Clark on April
28th, 2008. The action was done by Indigenous Warriors and supporters
in solidarity with Tyendinaga Mohawks whom where under attack.

==> 8:45pm ~ Apples, not applause, for AFN chief.
On February 18th, 2008 Assembly of First Nations chief Phil Fontaine's
news conference was disrupted by Indigenous Warriors who dumped red
apples on the podium. AFN chief Phil Fontaine is "red on the outside,
white on the inside".

==> 9:10 pm ~ Olympiad
Covering a vital area where 'Five Ring Circus' missed, Olympiad dives
into the struggle of Indigenous Warriors fighting the Winter 2010
Olympics. The film includes interviews with Indigenous Warriors Gord
Hill and Dustin Rivers. Olympiad attempt to set the record straight;
are the 2010 game good for indigenous people on Coast Salish Territory.

==> Open dialogue and discussion following films