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This year's Olympics: not all fun and games

With China responsible for so many crimes against humanity you can take your pick!
kind of what it's like
kind of what it's like
Torture, Pollution, Forced abortion, oh my! China's guilty of a number of crimes against humanity, animals and the environment. We encourage you to take your pick and boycott this year's Olympics in Beijing.

1.Routine torture and murder of political dissidents, pro-democracy advocates, and anyone else daring to disagree with the government of China.

2.Over 50 years of Tibetan/Chinese oppression first imposed under Mao Ze Dong.

3.Severe religious/cultural persecution practiced by the Chinese government (see persecution of falun Gong vids posted on youtube.)

4.China's 'Golden Shield Project' which uses abundant, comprehensive surveillance on
innocent civilians with similar technology being tested for use in America
(see rollingstone.com/chinasurveillance)

5.The active barring of free press (no outside press of any kind is currently allowed in
Tibet) with journalists from other countries often imprisoned while trying to report stories of China's dirty deeds (check out reporters without borders:  http://www.rsf.org/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=20)

6.Numerous cases of forced abortion reported in China:

7.China is now the world's largest in carbon dioxide emissions...much of which is
produced in factories that manufacture goods for the United States.

8.Tens of thousands of Chinese citizens forced from their homes (without compensation) to make way for Olympic construction.

9.Unsafe goods imported from China with disturbing regularity....

10.Unfair trade practices with the U.S. (i;e we buy their goods while they buy from other countries