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9.11 investigation | political theory selection 2008

Obama: 'Al Qaeda planning New Attacks Against U.S.'

All right. I wanted to give him a chance because he's not Jesse Jackson. Because he's a Black person. I liked his style. A lot of reasons I suppose. I didn't want to just hammer him as another corporated flunky, and you must admit he positioned himself perfectly against Hillary during the campaign. But I'm going to have to draw the line when it comes to Al Qaeda, the CIA Boogeymen/Fall guys for 911, an obvious INSIDE JOB. In today's New York Times there is the following: 'Obama described the situation in Afghanistan as "Perilous and urgent" and that Al Qaeda and the Taliban were planning more attacks in the United States'. Obama is quoted as saying "In Afghanistan and the border region of Pakistan, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are mounting a growing ofensive against the security of the Afghan people and increasingly the Pakistani people, while plotting new attacks against the United States". Obama has whipped out the WAR AGAINST TERROR CARD, the JOKER UP HIS SLEEVE. The AL QAEDA FREDDY KRUEGER IN THE BASEMENT. Obama is riding along on the 911 nightmare too, scaring people with visions of future attacks by camel-riding nuclear outlaws. Where's the guy that posted that 'Obama is going to reopen the 911 investigation'? I replied that I wanted to see the link. It never appeared. That's what they used to say about Elliot Spitzer too. He's "going to reopen 911". Riiiiiight. Maybe the Mayans were right. Maybe on Dec. 21st, 2012 this part of the solar system is going to convulse. It's probably for the good of the rest of the Universe at the rate we're going.

obama says? 22.Jul.2008 22:22


where does it say that? I read this morning that author Steve Coll, a Bin Laden biographer made a statement to that effect, but Obama.......? Please show source...

He may not be the best candidate after all ! 22.Jul.2008 23:20


Truthfully ,if you ask me and it may seem crazy to consider, but in my opinion the only true candidate that I beleive is worthy of being the next president of all in the field ,(for what this country truly needs ,which is an overhaul of truth and justice),is Cynthia McKinney !!! Im a white male, independant party and I would vote for her in a heartbeat.....She may seem a bit escentric but she is absoulutely the perfect one for the job and the only one with guts enough to go after the bastards about the war games being played on 9-11 , and the pentagon's loss of 4 trillion dollars just prior to 9-11 , no wonder this country is in the toilet thanks to Bush and his buddies ...Its time for some real justice !!

Obomba 23.Jul.2008 00:21


Colin Powell and Condeleza Rice are also African Americans. So is John Conyers, who professionally dropped the ball on impeachment.

On the African American upside, Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party candidate for President!