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After Horrific Accident on I-5 en route to LA, THE PRIDS Need our Help!

The Prids, local all vegan post punk band - David, Mistina, Joey and Maile - and two of their significant others - Kristin and Chris - were in a serious accident early Sunday evening while en route to Los Angeles on tour.
A tire blew, they lost control of the van and it rolled several times. David was airlifted from the scene of the crash... Everyone else by ambulance taken to the ER and treated for multiple moderate to severe injuries, our friends are alive!!!
I wrote this roughly while talking to a groggy/silly/exhausted sounding Mistina, of The Prids this evening. About 24 hours after the horrific accident yesterday evening, and cleaned it up a bit for PDXIMC. Forgive me for my lack of reporting skills.

24 hours after the above described HORRIBLE car accident....

Everyone is discharged. Severe injuries as previously stated.

David with broken ribs, collar bone, and 6 staples in his head. The vomiting of blood this morning brought him back to the hospital for tests. No internal bleeding, but likely due to ingesting massive amounts of blood from his head wound, and possibly from his ribs. Not found to be life threatening at this time and he is with his wife and the rest of our friends at the hotel now.

Maile with a fractured vertebrae and toe, gashes to her knee and head, staples in her leg.

Chris with a broken arm. MRI showed no spinal injury as it was previously thought by the doctors.

Joey broken ribs.

Mistina with a concussion and unbreakable pain. Badly banged up (busted window out with her head and shoulder!).
BUT no broken bones because she is a stud!

Kristen has a snapped joint in her collar bone.

Pretty much everyone has concussions from mild to more severe.
Last night Mistina's cell phone alarm went off every hour in the hotel so they could monitor each other!

Obviously everyone, in one way shape and/or form is pretty fucked up.
They are fucking alive!

Something for all to consider:

6 people, EMERGENCY ROOM. One air flight to the hospital. Totaled van with 3 thousand dollars left on it, towed to an impound. Medical care in a situation such as this is going to total for all 6 pushing WELL over thousands of dollars.

THINK: x rays, cat scans, MRI, blood draws, fracture care, hospital stays, life flight, ambulance, etc. Only two with insurance and we already know insurance doesn't cover 100 percent of bills. In a case like this, only a fraction due to amount!

On top of all of this is their stay at the motel. . It is unknown how much of their gear, if any, is salvageable.

Highway patrol kept calling hospital, because they had never seen an accident so bad with all people to survive!
Portland is an awesome community with people who want to help. There is a paypal account so we all can do this.

go to www. theprids. com and click on the NEWS link. There you will see a button to donate. Even 20 dollars will help.

Keep in mind the benefits they have donated of their time and talent towards.
I know they would go well out of their way if it were even just myself in an accident and in a position at a fraction of theirs. That is the type of people they are.

The response of people wanting to contribute what they have from dollars to talent is remarkable and appreciated by all.

This is what makes our community one to be proud of!

Something Mistina wants me to pass along... a little short story:

Mistina walked into to see David after the accident yesterday, and said "this is the only way our band's going to be popular" and David began crying.... then they laughed.

Even in a tragic and frightful time, these troopers can find a reason to smile and laugh.


homepage: homepage: http://www.theprids.com

THANK YOU 22.Jul.2008 11:20

Meow's Eternal Hisss

I send to you guys, from Mistina and everyone there and all their friends a huge thank you for your support.
If you go to theprids.com and click on the news link, there is a donation button.
to "me again" you are correct. So far it's looking at pushing towards 6 figures as far as expenses.
Their appreciation is so far beyond what can accurately be expressed.
This Sunday, at Plan B (I don't know if I'm repeating myself from the original post or not) is a benefit. ALL PROCEEDS will be going to our friends.
There is an update Mistina just sent me via text. I will add to the article. Maile is back in the hospital. Her face/side of head is greatly swollen with fluids as of this morning. More word on this to come as I receive it.

UPDATE 22.Jul.2008 11:27

Meow's Eternal Hisss

Ok, so I put it into comments however thought it important to add to article.
Maile, the keyboardist, had severe swelling of her side of face and head this morning. While David is in the clear, Maile is now back in the hospital.
Estimated expense is pushing at 100,000 dollars. If one looks at our medical system, with all the treatment and tests and horrible injuries, this is not an exaggeration when you also count in for lodging, totalled vehicle and other expenses that come with such an incident.
click on news link, and you will find a donation button.
every bit counts, and every bit is greatly appreciated. Mistina was almost in tears at the overwhelming support already shown by her friens up here. If it weren't for the loopiness of her concussion and pain medication they have her on, that is barely touching the pain, she probably would have been in tears.
THIS SUNDAY AT HIVE (Plan B, SE 8th and MAIN in Portland) all proceeds go to the prids. What I know for sure so far is that there will be djs and music and fire.
any more questions you can direct them to me,  hisssmeow@riseup.net