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Strange Taser Demonstration Leaves More Questions Than Answers

In the face of growing concern over the use of tasers and other so-called "less lethal weapons," police officers and weapons industry shills have been conducting what can only be described as one of the strangest PR campaigns ever mounted. They have been "demonstrating" tasers by shooting them at each other, and at hapless volunteers in incongruous settings during family-friendly public gatherings. The message is supposed to be simple and easily digested: "See? Tasers can be fun." One such demonstration took place at the Columbia County Fair over the weekend. It was a bizarre spectacle that surely must be reminiscent of what Rome was like shortly before it fell.
The New Colosseum
The New Colosseum

I could scarcely believe my eyes. Amidst carnival rides, cotton candy, and colorful balloons, camouflaged police officers smiled and postured in front of the smiling, festival-going families of my community. While one uniformed officer made jokes into a microphone, three others in what looked like battle fatigues set up a mat behind him and solicited ..."volunteers." Three burly men stepped forth from the crowd. Because I live in this community, I recognized one of them as, coincidentally enough, the son of the local police chief. I do not know who the other two were, but one would not be too far off, I think, to suspect that they, too, had connections with the police state. Who else, I wonder, would have any interest in being shocked with 50,000 volts in order to sell a device of torture to popcorn-munching fair goers, who might otherwise find such a thing frightening and distasteful? This had to be one of the weirdest and most insidious marketing ploys I have seen yet.

In any event, I watched in open-mouthed horror as smiling Officer Friendly explained to children eating caramel apples how nice tasers are, because they don't really hurt anyone and the effects are "only temporary." Meanwhile, behind him, the "volunteers" donned protective goggles and took their places, one by one, at the mat.

For good measure, Officer Friendly held a microphone up to one of the tasers, so that we could all listen to the happy, crackling sounds of electricity, building up frenetically within the plastic guns. Near me, two children mimed the act of tasing each other, and laughed. Tension mounted, I'm sure, for the volunteers. "Being tasered," offered Officer Friendly, "Allows the bad people to get back up again eventually."

"Except the ones who die," A woman had the good grace to shout from somewhere in the audience. These words seemed to fall on deaf ears, though. A few people turned idly to see who had so rudely interrupted this friendly police man. Others stared tight-lipped and close-mindedly ahead, ignoring the interruption and concentrating instead on the spectacle in front of them. I have rarely been so ashamed of the people in my community as I was at that moment, as it dawned on me that to say any more -- to mention the relevant statistics, to bring up uncomfortable facts, to question the officers' words and intentions -- would have brought on glares, alienation, and possibly even open hostility. But the woman who had spoken those words stood straight and glared levelly at the officers, who nervously scanned the crowd to get a bead on who had been so bold. Who knows. Maybe she wasn't alone out there. Maybe there were others who felt the same way, but were afraid to voice their objections.

I feel compelled to add, here, that people are actually dying from taser attacks by police officers, all over this state and all over this nation. The use of tasers is not a substitute for deadly force, as we are so often given to understand during demonstrations like this one. Rather, tasers and other "less lethal" weapons are used in places where it would never have been legal to pull out a gun. The people who would be shot by police officers are still being shot by police officers, at an alarming and growing rate. Tasers have not, despite the PR campaign, saved any lives. Tasers are used to torture people into compliance. Even people who have done nothing wrong, as so many political demonstrators, homeless people, and people of color can tell you. Just ask around.

Amnesty International has repeatedly called for caution with regard to the growing use of tasers. In a report outlining their concerns, that organization pointed out that the vast majority of people killed by tasers were unarmed, and had posed no significant threat to police officers or anyone else before being tasered. Said the report, "Portable and easy to use, with the capacity to inflict severe pain at the push of a button without leaving substantial marks, electro-shock weapons are particularly open to abuse, as our organization has documented in numerous cases around the world."

No one at the fair was saying anything about this, though, while little families in wal-mart t-shirts waited with baited breath, under the warm July sun, for men to be gaily tortured in front of them, for laughs and entertainment. In the background, the Zipper careened through the air, and teenagers screamed on the loop-o-plane. What's a little pre-manufactured terror among friends?

"You'll notice the protective goggles," Said Officer Friendly. "That's to keep the barbs from entering the eyes." He then helpfully explained that the two camouflaged officers on either side of each volunteer were there to catch him after the taser barbs hit, because each man would lose control over his muscles and fall otherwise. With that, the festivities commenced. First one, then another, and then another of the men stood facing the audience, flanked by his catchers, while a third officer stood behind and fired the taser into his back. In almost slow motion, each man grimmaced in pain, stiffened, convulsed, and lost control over his facial features and his legs. Each fell to his knees and was wrangled as gently as possible to the mat at his feet. Each lay in a subdued pile for a few minutes, before he was able to rise. While he lay on the ground, officers donned the ubiquitous blue gloves and knelt beside him, pulling out the barbs from his back. "This is one of the most painful parts of this," said Officer Friendly. "It's important to remove them carefully, and you'll see that we're applying a disinfectant, to prevent the wounds from becoming inflamed."

At this point, my mate turned to me and murmured, "Think they apply disinfectant when they taser someone on the streets? No, this is the part where they start knocking the crap out of him with a club."

And indeed, this is one of the main points of contention I have with little demonstrations like this one: It's not just the Colosseum atmosphere of the whole thing, it's that it's a lie. This little demonstration was carefully constructed to give the public the impression that tasers are friendly, fun-loving devices that don't really hurt anyone. But this demonstration did not, in any way, reconstruct the true and savage nature of a real taser attack by officers in the field. It was, from start to finish, inaccurate in every detail.

When people are tasered in real life, they are not volunteers. They are not prepared. They do not consent. They are not given protective eye wear. There is no carefully placed mat. No one catches them when they fall. No one gingerly removes the barbs and dabs disinfectant on them afterward. And, most important of all, during this demonstration, the trigger was pulled on the taser for only a brief split second. And even then, even after the merest fraction of a second burst from the taser, each man grimmaced and fell writhing to the ground, stunned for long moments and sheepishly silent as they slunk away afterward while the crowd cheered. But in real life, tasers are deployed for a minimum of 5 seconds, and more often than not, they are repeatedly blasted into people for whole minutes at a time. Often, people are tasered in multiple bursts of as long as 5 minutes. If a split second burst, followed by tender loving care, is enough to drop a grown man to the ground, imagine what a 5 MINUTE-long blast could do. Now imagine what three or four such bursts, delivered by multiple officers, with multiple tasers, could do.

Maybe next time, they should demonstrate that.

I know I should be careful what I ask for: I'm sure that someone out there would be happy to trot out prisoners, or desperately poor people willing to do a lot for a few dollars, who might be manipulated into receiving a five-minute taser blast for the pleasure of the crowd. Maybe there could be a reality show.... No, I would not want that any more than I wanted to see this spectacle. But at least that would be more honest, and not so viewer friendly, as what I saw this weekend. At the very least, watching someone scream in agony, lose control of their bladder and bowels, and lapse into seizures as they crack bones on the cold concrete might shock people enough to glance up from their cotton candy long enough to ask a few hard questions.

At least, it's nice to think so.

Perhaps, though, people would just go back to their caramel apples, back to their carousel rides, even after witnessing such a thing as that. After all, isn't that what we do every day, after the statistics fly by on our television screens, enumerating the number of dead this month who died at the boots of police officers. And still, no hard questions ring out.

Taser demo pics 21.Jul.2008 22:46


Clearly, this guy is not having fun. What do you think he would look like in a typical real-life tasering, after a 5 minute blast?

More fun with tasers 21.Jul.2008 22:52


This guy needed his wife to come out and help him walk away after.

They all have to be tasered 22.Jul.2008 14:22

captn amperage

Any officer who carries a taser has to take a full-on tasering to be qualified to carry the weapon.

confirmation about carrying a taser? 22.Jul.2008 15:17


i'm trying to look up information about officers having to be tasered before being certified. i cannot find anything so far. anyone know of a link?

Really ! ! ! 22.Jul.2008 16:08


Are we supposed to believe that the virtually autonomous agents of the state -- bunkered behind their own "unions" (e.g. police benevolent associations), dictating unilateral contract terms, having free-rein in setting the conditions for their own culpability, subject to only the most perfunctory and ineffective "oversight" from elected "representatives", and so forth, are _required_ to submit to a taser initiation rite before being "allowed" (by whom?) to carry the russian-roulette sometimes lethal/sometimes non-lethal gadget/toy?

Bovine ordure!

Not so fast 22.Jul.2008 17:39

Tasers Kill

"Any officer who carries a taser has to take a full-on tasering to be qualified to carry the weapon."

First, I'm not so sure this is the case. For the very good reason cited in the comment above.

Second, even if it is, if you read this article, it's pretty clear that what happens to an officer who volunteers to be tasered is NOTHING like what happens to the countless victims of their aggression. It's false to assume that a split second burst, in a carefully controlled environment, is at all the same as a 5 minute long blast delivered from an angry, power-tripping deputy, often in the middle of a beating. Trying to equate the two, as these demonstrations do, is both slick and sick: It equates a slap on the wrist with multiple punches to the stomach and face. Just as one can easily walk away from a slap on the wrist (as so many officers so often do), one can get up and smile (eventually) after a quick and controlled demo like this one. But, just as blows to the gut and face can maim and kill, so can the kind of attacks we see being carried out by cops with tasers. Both the slap and the punches are "just" hits with the hand, right? But clearly, there is a difference.

Please do not fall prey to the belief that those cops wielding those tasers have any kind of clue or empathy toward their victims, whether they were ever tasered themselves, in a demo like this, or not. Don't let your neighbors tell themselves this either. Torture weapons are a very serious problem in this country, and growing more serious every day. Don't let people sleep through this.

Tasers were used at the Rainbow Gatherings this year and last 23.Jul.2008 07:58


yeah, believe it or not... tasering hippies in the woods to train officers.. and we were told that most of the USFS personnel who were carrying these weapons had in fact NOT had themselves tasered, and that only 2 of the 11 feds onsite had experienced tasering themselves.

Coloradolegaleagles.org is one website for more info on this

or just search for Rainbow Family - tasering

great work 23.Jul.2008 08:14


Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. It's timely, informative and extremely well-written.

Nazi Home Base 23.Jul.2008 09:23


We are the new Germans

get religious 23.Jul.2008 09:32

GODdess of the UNIVERSE

this is the APOCALYPSE

Makes a big difference 23.Jul.2008 11:58


When the "victim" of the tasering is volunteering, in a controlled situation, surrounded by friendlies, and not fearing for his life in full, flight or fight mode. Also makes a difference whether the administrator(s) of the potentially lethal charge are themselves all charged up on testosterone and adrenalin, as was the case when two homicidal morons in Sandy (Deputy Willard, Officer Bergin) completely discharged two fully loaded tasers into the back of a naked, badly burned Fouad Kaady, or as was the case more recently in Winfield, Louisiana, when officer Scott Nugent fired a taser nine times into the helpless, handcuffed body of Baron "Scooter" Pikes. According to the coroner in that case, Pikes was dead after the seventh shot from the moron who was torturing him.

Incidents such as the above indicate to intelligent people (notice how cops are not included in this grouping?) that while a perfectly fun sex toy and carnival wower like the taser just might not be suited to hostile, adrenalin charged situations. A fully loaded Glock is harmless, as long as one is not killing someone with it. Fifty thousand volts, being continuously supplied to the body of a human being, healthy or otherwise, can KILL! It is more, not less, lethal than the glock, because the perpetrators keep telling themselves and their judges that it is harmless. It is not!

The manufacturer requires it to protect themselvesl legally 24.Jul.2008 13:33

captn aperage

The manufacture requires everyone to get tasered and sign a statment that you understand the risks involved in using it. I've experienced it and it is an unimaginable level of pain - they give you a chance to go to the bathroom beforehand so you don't piss yourself. You don't have to carry a taser if you don't want to, but if you do you have to take the "training".

Just Google "taser training". What a bunch of reactionary jerks on this board...

sorry 25.Jul.2008 17:02

try again

(1) just like everybody else in portland you don't seem to know what the word "reactionary" means

(2) we don't believe your story about nobody being "allowed" to carry or use a taser unless they've been zapped

(3) it seems so unlikely, and your claim so glib ("the manufacture [sic] said so!") that we're not going to look it up ourselves, people claim all kinds of stupid crap on the internet every two seconds

(4) if you care whether anybody believes you show us a couple of citation links

(5) if your citations are not immediately convincing, we're done

Why Bother WithTasers - Do Police Work The Silverton City Way. 27.Jul.2008 00:22


Andrew Hanlon was gunned down by Silverton City police officer Gonzalez. Andrew was a suspect in a case on banging very loudly on a front door of a house he mistook for a relative's house.

Gonzalez was a trained and practicing cage-fighter and was carrying a Taser and a nightstick and a loaded gun .... AND A TORCH!

And was presumably trained in police work!

So Gonzalez shot his gun 7 times. Five of the bullets hit Andrew.

This is a quote from Marion County Deputy District Attorney Matt Kemmy on July 22 2008.

[He] "...flew into such a rage that ... they were terrified he was going to kill himself and possibly harm [others]."

Is there a justification for the use of lethal force in that quote there for shooting that 'enraged' person to death? Because if there is 'justification' in that quote from Marion County Deputy District Attorney Matt Kemmy then it should be noted that he was talking about Gonzalez!

i heard from the internetz 28.Jul.2008 06:22

searies of toobs

to be sertified with tazers the polise have to submit to communitee adminstered tazering. you haf to sneak up two them and give em a full blast to give them the proper sertificasion.

i'm prety sure they haf ta be sertified with guns teh same way.

can police has sertificasion now?