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roots of torture

in america, torture begins at home
To understand the root of torture, in all of its vulgarity and evil, in America you have to look into the schools, homes, and apartment complexes where on a daily basis torture flowers like a Medieval virus.
Where do people learn these techniques? In hospitals? In schools? At Rock concerts?
There are places in America where the mentally deficient, and the physically handicapped , are still STILL STILL...after 50 plus years of legislation and improvements in the health Care industry, treated like guinea pigs by unknown and anonymous assailants who are little more than cultural bullies allowed to do as they please in an America which has not grown up since the days of the beach bully, the schoolyard bully, the apartment complex dominator, by people who will grow tired of "small prey" and head into the Military and go to places like Iraq and Afghanistan and kill detainees at places like Bagram AFB for whatever pleasure they can still derive from it....
Go to an apartment complex near you, study the social structure. Its all there. The old, disabled guy hiding in his apartment because someone in a truck threatens him with power and noise and humiliation. The mentally retarded girl, black, alone, standing by a phone booth while people laugh at her and laugh at her and laugh at her just to see how it affects her and then drive away looking for chicken sandwiches and car-toon type satisfaction and..
Peace begins at home. Change the world around you before you no longer have that ability to do so...