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t-bone pickens plan

Billonares start solution to energy problem

This is interesting, billionares organizing for wind power. Mega generators verses micro generators come to my mind. Which way will the pork blow, pork for the common folk or pork for the billionare folk. Decentralized or centralized energy system. The problem is real and certainly will impact the social structure.

Free Energy is Everywhere 19.Jul.2008 23:07

Stan Myers

There are many free energy videos on Google video. Check out www.peswiki.com and freeenergynews, too. Connect a negative battery lead to a steel container of salt water. Connect a positive lead to a steel utensil. Insert utensil into the water, without touching the negatively charged container. The bubbles you see are hydrogen and oxygen. Our tech schools teach AC production of hydrogen. DC works!

Salt is not the best electrolyte. There is chlorine gas byproduct. You can try the same experiment with vinegar and baking soda, ascetic acid. I use sodium hydroxide in my hydrogen booster, getting 20% better gas mileage.

his plan has a little merit. 21.Jul.2008 13:16

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

but not much.

His plan calls for using Natural Gas for transportation. This would be going out of the frying pan, and into a two-quart saucepan, with garlic and shallots.

First of all, How many people can go out and buy a brand new car at the moment? Also, do you feel like driving a vehicle with 4000psi tanks of explosive materials on board? I don't care how safe they make it sound, all it takes is one failure, and the loss of a city block to end that move.

All the technology that we need exists, and has been proven, to eliminate the need for the automobile. The question is, do we have the will to change. Will the people in power be willing to build a truly sustainable country? This will be the greatest challenge that we'll face.

Here is the "Exile plan" Abridged, since my time here is limited.

First, build no new roads whatsoever. Build rail lines between urban centers. (Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Ashland to Redding) Likewise between the central north/south line to the coast as well. Run rail to bend, all the way to idaho, joining communities on the way. Electrify these lines, for interurban rail.

The reason for this is really simple. Rail is cheaper, in every sense of the word. Steel wheels on Steel rails are 400% more efficiant that using rubber tires.

Second, build streetcar lines that connect communities within a given urban realm. (for Portland, it would include places like St. Johns, Linton, Milwaukee, Sellwood, Gresham, Hillsboro. etc)

To these trains, add additional cars, that carry cargo, waste materials, and other freight.

ridership will increase, as a reflection of fuel cost increases.

Third, Build cities and towns that place cars dead last. every city block, should be a minimum of six stories high, with residential above the first floor, and commercial space below.

Fourth, Evacuate the suburbs, and create many smaller towns, based on walking, trains and bicycles.

Fifth, Utilize all of the renewable electricity options we can round up ( ei, the T. Boone Pickens plan)

Sixth, Create farming "regions" within a city's influence. Pay farming what it's really worth. For decades now, we've treated the real producers of our country horribly, and that needs to change.

That's the short version of the Exile plan. Until the automobile, the realm of a city also included the rural area around it, because they were dependent on eachother for their needs. that interdependence is going to become paramount, once fuel prices rise above $7.00 per gallon of gasoline.

So, what's in it for you, the citizen of this project? Let's go over a few of your benefits.

add up what you spend on fuel, repairs, financing, insurance and a garage, put that back in your pocket. Deduct the needless deaths caused by the use of automobiles. Add back in, knowing where your food is from. Also, deduct the health expenses that are related to an automobile culture, obesity, diabetes, various heart conditions, social isolation, etc. Also, think about having the streets be a social place once again, with markets, children, and the experiences that make a place live. it would bring an end to wars that are waged to protect our "interests" in the middle east, and it would stem the hemorrhage of wealth that leaves our country for oil.

questions? input? I'm total up to listening to what people have to say.

Similar Research 13.Aug.2008 19:05

Debra A. Deras dderas@yahoo.com

I am a firm believer in your Plan.
Funny, I wrote about all of this in 1990 to about 2007 at FIU, FLA......, after living in Europe for some time. Europe was far advanced than the US. Noone Recognized my research/papers on the same issues. Not only that, the same concepts. Windmill technology has been around a while, as well as alternative fuel options.
Debra A. Deras