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32 SUVs disabled across Oxford

Up to 32 SUV owners awoke this morning to discover that their destructive vehicles had been disabled.
Using the 'mung bean trick', whereby a mung bean is inserted into the valve of a tyre before the cap is screwed back on, tyres were let down in Marston, Headington, and the highly affluent area of Summertown. Messages were left under windscreen wipers warning the owners not to attempt to drive their 4x4s, and explaining why it was felt that direct action had to be taken to resist their assault on this planet.
They were informed that more than a quarter of the UK's CO2 generation is attributable to the transport sector, and that many Sports Utility Vehicles emit up to 300% more greenhouse gases than the average car.
They were also told that driving a car is not a 'right', and that driving an SUV is an unacceptably selfish act in the face of what may become unstoppable climate change.