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corporate dominance selection 2008

FAUXBAMA or the Obaminable snow man

A look at Obama.
OK Evvybody ! Let's play da Name Game.
Obama mama fo fama fanana fana fo fama
Ooooobama !
Let's start with
The talk is that bygoshamighty, Barack is shifting to da Right !
He's a designated prop of the Tri-Lateral Commission and the DLC, anointed in 2004 (whocudfuggetit?) as the opening act for the Kerry "Reporting for Duty" tour, Fauxbama can't be shifting away from the Left, 'cause he wasn't never ON the Left.
He's the same kind of PR/pimp media concoction CNN regularly drags out to "balance" discussions on the Lou Dobbs Lynching Hour.
AS IF there is a real Opposition Party living and breathing anywhere within smelling distance of K Street.
AS IF he doesn't lipwalk for AIPAC, and doesn't think we need 80,000 troops and 160,000 Blackwaters picnicking in the Green Zone until the Tigris freezes over, and 10,000 more in Afghanistan.
AS IF the Fourth Amendment is not his personal Charmin Ultra.
AS IF Fauxbama would represent a CHANGE.
He's a corporate chameleonic sheep who rented his wolf's clothing just long enough to get the job. He posed as Superman, then quickly jumped into a handy phone booth, and out came - Dark Kent.
But- the Fauxbamification ain't HIS fault. It's OURS. We're BUYING this bullbleep.
We need so desperately to have HOPE, to be in touch with whatever sliver remains of our self-worth, that we have chosen Him as the object and the instrument of our self-delusion, the pusher who will help us maintain our addiction to our presumed decency, our perception that we are, after all, good people- who have been sadly led astray.
Baah baah baah.
The braying of the interminably flaccid "progressives" whose anguished cries betray yet another tragic disillusionment.
Oh please, for once, blame the disillusionEE not the disillusionOR.
It was US who are creating this Emperor, and WE who have put the clothes of righteousness on his back. We needed some political Prozac, and we chose a basically blank canvas on which to paint an effigy of our profound yearning for absolution and redemption.
All he did was tell us how great we are, what a great country, what great people, all we need to get back on the righteous path we had trod for lo these 250 years, and to show ourselves how very righteous we are, is to elect a Black Man as President.
Instant Karma, as John said.
Instant karmas gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead
What in the world you thinking of
Laughing in the face of love
What on earth you tryin to do
Its up to you, yeah you

As always, we don't haveta do very much atall. Simply remove him from the easy-open package, inflate him, float him, and poof, we're saved.

Of course, as soon as he's elected, we can go back to the couch for another 4 year snooze, and he can messianize our problems away.

Annnnd- how about 'HO-Bama ?
Have you seen the list of his campaign contributors ?
'HoBama cashes checks from some of, no make that MOST of the biggest bastards in America.
The path is deep and wide from footsteps leading to HIS cabin, so Check it out.
What do you see ?
Fatwallet McLawyer, Nicky the Nuke, Clean Coal Willie, Warner Disney Redstone, Armistead Armsales, and enough Banks to keep the Mississippi in mud for generations.

'HoBama's biggest steadiest John ? The company that most epitomizes the deceitful manipulative rapaciousness** of Wall Street- Goldman Sucks. 600 grand so far and counting.
These guys are 'HoBama's biggest of the big spenders.
They have also sent some of their prime Alumni to run Bill and Bush's Treasury and The Fed. Nice job guys. Yeah, you can be sure big changes are coming from that direction.
Plus, of course, smaller fry like JP Morgan, UBS AG, and Lehman Brothers, at a mere 400K, with Morgan Stanley back in the crowd at 275.
Next- the lawyuhs that front for the worst of the worst. The ones who do the marinating and greasing for a long list of people-screwing corporate generational cannibals: Sidley Austin, Skadden Arps, Jones Day, Latham Watkins, Wilmerhale.
Warning: extended exposure to their client lists may cause vomiting or diarrhea.
'HoBama says he's gonna rationalize taxes, create corporate responsibility, fight for the middle class.
Well who you gonna believe ? Him or his lying checkbook ?

and OREObama: the black man who is sometimes but not sometimes and learned early on to "get along." He went to Harvard. Everybody liked him. UH OH.
What exactly did the Reverend Wright say that was untrue ? Any honest man would have stood up and told us - "he said it badly, but he said the truth".
OreoBama couldn't run fast enough to wash the shit off his shoes.
Jesse Jackson ? Its only too bad that he didn't mean to say it.
Of course O speaks down to black people. He speaks down to all of us.
OreoBama is black enough to once again make US feel good about Ourselves, but not toooo Black, to, umm, err, cause Trouble, ya know ?
And once again, many in the Black community are investing THEIR hopes and dreams and desperate needs in a blow-up doll.
Stampeding to congratulate ourselves on running a Black Man for President, we are setting ourselves up for something far worse than disillusionment.

Beware the Progressives' litany of apologia: how Obama is shifting Right, but we have no choice. We have to work within the two-party system. We have to vote for Obama or get McCain. We need to get Obama in there, and then work to move him back to where he said he was, and we thought he was, in the first place. That McCain would be much worse than even a flawed Obama, that we have to get rid of the people who did this to us.
But the truth is that Obama IS the people who did this to us. He works for them. He is paid by them. We just don't want to believe it.
I fear Obama much worse than I fear McCain.
McCain is The Enemy. Right there, out in the open. We KNOW who he works for.
Obama builds a shadow play of promises, hopes and dreams, and strenuously aided and abetted by the pimp corporate media, has created the fiction that he and McCain are different.
The Obaminable Snowman.

Ultimately, he is NObama.
A true straw man, invented, owned and run by the worst of us, chosen and created by them: for his gift for instilling hope in millions, for his charm and patina of integrity, and for his willingness to do or say whatever it takes or whatever he's TOLD, to win.
He scares me deeply because I know who he is, but I don't think HE does.

It is up to us.
It is up to us to look at ourselves and what we've done, and dedicate ourselves to making it right. We can't appoint a surrogate or messiah to do it for us, and we damn well can't participate in further self-delusion.
You want to vote for him, that's your business.
But confront what you're doing, and why.
It sure ain't for CHANGE. Unless what change means to you is what I think it means to you -- a rewind button to get back to the nineties, when we could afford two cars, and a second home, and didn't really need to notice the bombs we were dropping, or the ice caps drizzling down the window, gas was cheap, and our biggest worry was a blowjob.
You don't mean change, you mean comfort.

And one more thing- don't come to me whining about how you were fooled or how disillusioned you are.
You want to stand for real change ?
Vote for Nader or McKinney.
Better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you don't want, and get it.
You want to feel good about yourself ? That you did the right thing ? That you're a kind and caring person ?
Then vote for FAUXbama.
You'll get what you deserve.
**- GOLDMAN: These are the lovely guys who were deep into the public rape known as the "subprime crisis". 1- They had fabillions of their clients' bucks in all kinds of piņata-like derivatives. 2- The Goldman partners had stenchillions of their own in it too.
One day more than TWO YEARS ago, their chief financial brain called a secret clandestine emergency meeting. Uh oh, he says. This subprime crap is going to blow up.
They came up with a plan. Quietly, steadily, so as not to let a whiff be detected, they took all of their own money out. Of course, they left all their clients' money in. And not only left their clients' money in, they kept selling the crap to other clients. Right up to the whacking of the Pinata.