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American Psychological Association

Was Terzin a model camp? Should psychologists be there to make sure "death is prevented?????????" Teachers, drivers, how about maids? is this what our justice has come down to... perversions and parasites on the american conciousness seem to be the mouth peiece for the next great depression... no recession... this is depression....
The red cross says it is torture
But the American Psychological association
Says that it is not torture
They should be there to oversea
Dog cages and human being electrocuted randomly
One person who was locked
Inside the walls of secret documents
Was a teacher
Whose only crime was flunking a student
The student fingered them for being a terrorist
The CIA says that 1/3 of those in Guantanamo
Are probably innocent
And yet the American Psychological association
Cannot find out a name of a psychologist
Who is working actively in Guantanamo.
Work, I call it...
Work to see a human being suffer humiliation
After being given bags of fluid intravenously
To force them to piss themselves.
Flash back to Colin Powell's indefensible speech about
Weapons of Mass destruction
And you find out the tortured confession
Of a prisoner
Has cost us over 2 trillion dollars.
Any wonder why you lost your house
As you worked a steady job,
Steadily were given raises,
Steadily paid your bills
And suffered no unseen calamities?
Have you seen enough Torture?
Apparently the psychologists want to be there.
They, these Military Psychologists believe in the breaking down
Of an identity, a consciousness, of human beings
And reconstructing them into helpless victims.
Have you paid enough America?
Do you want any cheaper gas?
How about Nuclear?
How about Off Shore drilling all subsidized by your tax dollars.
Neither of these will be cost effective
And we do not have the water resources for Nuclear power anymore
Intelligence as they call it...
Shows... .
That when you are the company being subsidized it's a hell of a day to be a politician.
And you are broken down systematically
Unable to defend yourself you confess,
If it makes gas cheaper I want it...

Read some David McGowan on the APA 18.Jul.2008 20:23


The American Psychological Association was started by Skull and Bonesmen. It is a open wing of the manipulative corporatist consumer sales push by the 1930s. It has intimately been involved in 'research' of the U.S. police state, MKULTRA , and other police state and spying 'scientific requirements' for over 50 years. Read some David McGowan on it, in his book Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion. It's known as 'spychology' for good rationales. Its part of the militarized political economic system instead of a separate scientific enterprise.