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'Thank You' Letter From Pitch Pipe Infoshop

Thank you!
To the anonymous ninjas,

Us here at the Pitch Pipe Infoshop would like to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for removing the surveillance camera that was pointed at our house. You are beautiful and amazing, whoever you are. We are all extremely grateful for your vigilance in defending our community from the onslaught of the police state.


The government wants us all under their thumbs. They want all of us to be in our right place; going to work, being trapped in school, rotting in prison, doing nothing that they do not want us to do. We are forbidden from living. The government wants to render us into soulless, empty shells, acting as nothing more than carriers for capital and resources. Our forests are as expendable as we are to them. And so that none their slaves may rebel, they cover our streets with cameras and police cruisers. They wish to destroy every free space still in existence. They wish to see everything so that they may stop what is most dangerous to them: LIFE.


Whoever destroyed the camera destroyed a small piece of the government's grand design for us. They took a swing at the panopticon and made off with one of its eyes. Let there be thousands more of these acts. Together, let's smash their horrible machine to pieces.


In love, love, love...

Pitch Pipe Infoshop

PS: If you can, please make information about the stolen camera public so everyone can know what they were using against us.

Camera identified 24.Jul.2008 19:23


Some photos of the camera's remains were posted at the Seattle IMC. They can be viewed here:  http://seattle.indymedia.org/en/2008/07/267861.shtml

The PC board marked "PS-713" turns out to be a part from the Sony SNC-RZ50 networked surveillance camera. The technical specs for this camera can be found here: http://www.kintronics.com/neteye/Sony/sncrz50n.htm

Another vendor Web site includes this product description:

"The SNC-RZ50N, which incorporate the latest image processing technology to provide multiple compression formats. Together with the variety of key features for surveillance and remote monitoring, such as Day/Night function, to provide clear images even in low light conditions, Intelligent Motion Detection and Intelligent Object Detection, the SNC-RZ50N camera can take your surveillance and remote monitoring applications to the next level."

It's a fairly expensive piece- a bit over $1100 retail.