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General Alert For Imminent Military Shipments

General alert!
To the barbarian hordes,

Once again, we have received information from multiple sources pointing towards another shipment through a port in Cascadua. The genocidal machine known as the US military is attempting to re-oil its rusty gears and
show the population of Cascadia that, despite all of our efforts, the murder and death will not stop and that none of us have the ability to change anything.

We have not halted a single military shipment, but each time the death machines have rolled through our towns we have tried our best and with each shipment the resistance has grown stronger. Despite what the blood suckers in Washington DC believe, another shipment will blast the level of resistance in Cascadia into the sky.

This time around, the government will try to crush our efforts and make us feel impotent. They need us to feel this way. If we all feel impotent, we will never revolt. We must be on our guard for more of their tricks. They have divided us for far too long and kept us bickering with each other in pointless battles that serve only their interests. This time around we must be better than them. This time around we must trust each other and not fall into their traps.

Never side with the state and never talk with the police. Trust the people without guns before the people with guns. Listen to someone with a mask over their face before you judge them. Listen to someone with a peace sign before you judge them. Do not confuse the self-defensive, planned violence of the anarchist with the irrational violence of the actual police provocateur. Communicate before you do anything. Work together. Otherwise they will win. Period. It's about time we got over these things.

The only dichotomies that exist are the ones we invent about ourselves. Let us not foster the ones that the government created like "violence vs. nonviolence". We saw during the November 2007 protests at the Port of Olympia that cooperation aided us far more than pointless bickering. Remember what you saw there and don't let it go. Trust the people you trust. Hold tightly onto the ones you love and act with them on the streets when the death machines return.

The Ministry of Secrets is officially calling on all willing human beings to respond when the boat arrives in whichever Cascadian port the military chooses. We are calling on all those willing to arrive with a solid group and semi-solid plans. We ask that you study the outcomes and events of the previous port actions and come ready to improve upon them.

Towards the death of hierarchy,
Towards the flowering of anarchy,
Towards the destruction of the spectacle,
Towards the freeing of our desires,
Towards complete and total revolt...

See you in the streets.

-The Ministry of Secrets

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