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How PBS Brainwashed the Left on 911 Truth

Bill Moyers may be the world's biggest troll....
It's Beyond Orwellian Now
It's Beyond Orwellian Now
There's an animated segment in PBS's documentary on the collapse of the Twin Towers on 911. It shows every part of the building during the collapse but one. The complicated interwoven matrix of the building's inner skeleton, specially designed to withstand the impact of a stray jumbo jet. The lack of discussion is as telling as the lack of illustration. PBS tells us the exterior collapsed, bringing down the house. But any quick glance at how the towers were constructed reveals the impossibility of this scenario. There's no way that immense grid was "pulled down" by anything. Of course PBS negects to mention the reams of evidence that point to controlled demolition, including the testimony of dozens of firemen. I guess they're only 'heroes' when they keep their mouths shut though. They're all under federal oath not to talk to the press. For some unknown reason, the "Left" such as it is, still puts faith in 'Limited Hangout' specialists such as Bill Moyers. How about last years' "For The Record:911" According to PBS's own official description, the special "reconnects the dots" of what hapened that day". Moyers "hiighlights the agonizing close calls, missteps, and outright failures of two administrations..." In another words, Moyers is just regurgitating the 911 Commission's spinmeistered 'findings' with a twist of leftist lemon. A perspective that pleases it's Bush-hating viewership, but resembles the 'truth' about as much as Dick Cheney resembles Errol Flynn. Moyer's Bush-bashing comes a little late in the game too, but it's just a cover for PBS's complicity in the 911 coverup. 911 was a United States Military operation on every level. Civilian demolition experts to this day cannot figure out exactly how it was done, but it sure wasn't gravity or a flash of burning kerosene. Contemporary theories even lay out a scenario for an H-Bomb in the basement. The 'official' left pooh-poohs the idea of 911 being an inside job because of things like PBS, an organization that forms a big part of their world view and lifestyle. Would the nice Wahlberg people who run "Antiques Roadshow" lie to us, VIEWERS LIKE US? About the greatest act of treason ever committed on American soil? PEE-BEE-ESS???? PDX Indy is almost alone in cyberspace with it's "911 Investigation" section. But it still gets nothing but flack from so-called "aware" readers who just can't genetically handle the idea that the military slaughtered thousands in New York and got away with it. As long as we still fall for false-flag operatives like Moyers, who, incidentally, continually downplays his role in pushing the Vietnam War as press secretary to it's cheerleader, LBJ. The best 911 truth site is still  http://www.question911.com where you can download some of the finest films on the subject for FREE.