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An OT8 "whistle-blows" on the Scientology secret operations agency.

Join Anonymous Saturday July 12th @ 11am to protest the church of scientology. We will start at the Umbrella Man in Pioneer Courthouse Square, then walk to SW 7th and Salmon.
PDX Anonymous --  http://www.pdxanon.info --  http://www.dropthebomb.info/forum/

Some people on the internet who have never been part of Scientology (lucky you!) may be wondering WHY does this cult need a special department dedicated to secret agent operations, harassment, media intimidation and a "Public Relations" branch that routinely hides the truth about itself and spreads deception and lies?

***The short tl;dr answer is: Scientology is a wolf in sheep's clothing. There you have it.***

The more detailed answer comes from knowing, in my own experience, both of 20+ years in Scientology and 10 years of being targeted by its covert operations branch because I dared to speak out after finding out the truth of its scam.

The purpose of the "Office of Special Affairs" (OSA = Office of Secret Agents) is to intimidate, steamroll and harass those people who are speaking out about the fraud that is Scientology. Scientology promises a "Bridge To Total Freedom". I bought one from them. It cost me around half a million dollars. The problem is, however, that they DON'T HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL. It goes nowhere. I went all the way to the end of the services delivered by Scientology and NO TOTAL FREEDOM WAS DELIVERED.

They promise "Superhuman Powers" but cannot deliver on that either. They do, however, continue to promote, sell and fail to deliver them even today. This lack of delivering what they promise creates huge dissatisfaction from those who trusted the promises and the books full of sales pitch "spiritual technology". Spiritual fiction is a better classification of Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard's claims to make "super humans".

The fact of promising things they can not deliver but asking huge amounts of money for, makes the Scientology organization a criminal fraud. This criminal enterprise has taken in a whole lot of money from unsuspecting believers. It wants to continue to do so, all under the smoke screen of "religion" and fake lofty purposes such as "saving Mankind" and "saving this sector of the Galaxy" etc.

So now we have the awful and sad situation where good-hearted people take services, become staff members, join the Sea Organization all to drive the organization into greater expansion and influence, but all have been lied to about where top "management" is really going with all this. It is a massive betrayal of all those people that Scientology has been hi jacked by top management and this has been done by using disinformation by OSA both into the membership, staff and Sea Org as well as outside to the public and to officials.

When an organization has so may crimes it acts to hide them and try and get away with committing more. Lawyers have helped Scientology do this quite well, so far, and the Scientology hired lawyers work in and with OSA. It is rather like bank robbers or the "mob" using ill goten funds to ensure their own protection. "Use some of the loot to prevent us from getting caught" is the dominant policy there.

So, currently we have the result of a criminal cult with no scruples using staff members, and using "donations" to try to silence those courageous people who dare to speak out. In Scientology terms the management has unspoken crimes known as "withholds" (about money, illegal acts, killing detractors by overt or covert means, bribing of officials, blackmail etc). The members of Scientology are not allowed to have "withholds" but they fail to see that their top management has boatloads of them.

The wolf is the predatory cult. OSA tries to be the sheep's clothing.
The disguise is wearing very thin.
this criminal cult must be taken down before thousands more unsuspecting people get their lives ruined by its fake promises and heartless greed.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanon.info