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Pimping Prostitution The CIA and Media Infiltration

Sacramento, CA
Used as Hub for CIA Mockingbird Program Expansion and Controlled Subject Infiltration of Mainstream Media Bodies.

Subjects engaged in prostitution activities, narcotics distribution, did
not all show up in Sacramento by Accident, and then end up in key position of not only the Media but the Entertainment Industry and local Government.
A Modern Day Tale of Human Trafficking and Corruption lead
to the Down Fall of a Nation. A True Story about America,
The Media, and how the CIA and DEA Abuses Human Slavery.

Where do I start?

Let's begin with Me. A country bumpkin, no
great level of education. Mired in traffic tickets
for my less than lawful concern of the gas pedal,
I came to the City of Sacramento to escape the
certain opportunities of incarceration that were
posed by those in my small South Lake Tahoe
community whom I had gained the challenges of
their dis-favor.

I considered it a traumatic time, which follows me
to this very day, for I had fallen for a Beautiful Young
Girl, of whom I was 7 years her senior. She had not
Graduated from High School as of yet, and My Love
was not to be revealed 'til she had come of age.

Leaving one option. To disappear.

Landing in Sacramento, I employed myself at any
laborious activity with which I could engage myself.
Not much different than today. The driving habit came
along, for it is deeply ingrained into my rebellious nature,
and an expression of freedom in a constrictive World.

I was Saving myself from perceived persecution of
Justice, and the Girl that I Loved. I was of a Mind that
I would not be presentable to the Girl or her family until
such time I had achieved some level of success that
would never come. Hormones beckon long before
success brings us to the plateau of self expectation.

None the less, I chose to seek the Girl out, coming to
the next Christmas. I missed her dearly. I used to visit
her at a local restaurant religiously every Sunday for
about 2 years. I had contacted her parents to seek
approval, they said OK. I called again to speak to the
Girl to further confirm that my presence would not be an
offense and meeting was scheduled.

I have always been of a very shy nature, and without
clear measure of acceptance will rarely introduce myself
into new or unfamiliar social interaction. I arrived, was
invited in, and was met with the Greatest Smile I had
ever seen. I had so much fear of rejection, but there it
was in that Smile. A Friend.

This is 20 years ago.

The nervous nature takes over. Never wanting to be
of nuisance, I know I must get out of there while things are
good and not reveal the importance of the Love I held so
dearly secret. I had prepared for her a drawing, which was
a black and white pencil drawing ...of her name poised over
a Rainbow. It was a gift which I considered at the time, to
be substandard, but in such a way, I wished to make her ask
"Why would someone spend this much time just to write my
name, and it isn't even in Color?"

"Because he hadn't spent enough time with You to fill in the
Colors of what being near You would mean." I didn't want to
be over the Top in revealing the sad nature of wanting some
one who was so much more than I could ever be."

I departed, rather quickly, pretending to have a very busy
Christmas social schedule. She seemed somewhat put back?
But I was still in elation of the Smile, and escape seemed like
the thing to do. I'm always escaping. That's what I do.

To my own detriment, on most occasion.


This feeling of Elation lasted a good 2 Months as I got back to
work. I decided that she, the Girl, had posed good enough reaction
to contact her again. I had made some extra money, and thought
I would see if it was OK to come back home and go out, or something?

But the Call was not the same. The Girl I knew wasn't there. And a
Quick Lightning Blow of Rebuff met me on the other end of the phone.
I was destroyed in an instant by the person I trusted most on Earth.

She said, "Never Call Again!"


I was saving myself for this Girl. Saving, and Saving, and Saving,
right up 'til my 26th Birthday. When I decided, "Fuck It!" I'm not
going to be older than 25 to get laid my first time. By the time I
found my way to Broadway in Oak Park and made the arrangements,
I think it was after midnight, "But Fuck it! Anyway!"

It was a Black Girl. She was lean and muscular like an athlete. She
new I was new at this stuff, and after huffing and a puffing a little
bit, she would beckon me for more money. I never finished, and she
had enough to buy 4 of 5 rocks. So, That was That!

I learned quickly though, and soon I was doing all of the manipulating
to get cheap sex. Starting out low, and moving even lower.


It all starts out innocently enough. You're
lonely, alone, cruising the late night streets
of a town you don't know. The quick glimmer
of an inviting Smile as you pass down the road-
way to nowhere.

... all of a sudden, you've got a $40 dollar friend
to listen to your bull**** sob stories, suck your cock,
fu@k you, and send you on your way. Then the
fantasy becomes an addiction. You see someone on
the street, and within a 5 minute day dream you know
you've got an extra $50 Bucks in your pocket, and if
you play it out right, you'll get fu@ked and sucked, and
still have $20 left for gas when it's all over.

First you use all of the precautions. Aids is still a very
new phenomenon and you think as long as you use a
rubber? ...it's not really sex anyway. So? ...what the fu@k!

Then that 1st rubber breaks and you're hooked on the feeling
of that fu@king pussy. Then the danger becomes a mix in the
addiction. The danger of getting caught, the danger of flirting
with disaster. It all rolls into the cheating of death like a nightly
episode of Russian Roulette that you swear to never engage in,
over and over again.

The thrill of playing out your own self destruction as you watch
in the rearview of your car mirrors.

Lost in a world of nowhere and no place to go, your life is just
drifting by without care of the single day or tomorrow. That's the
life. The life I had my fill of. The Life I left behind.

...Or? ... So I thought.


One seductive flash of a Smile, and the next thing you know? ...
you're in a second floor motel room getting your cock sucked dry,
and for 30 seconds, you forgot all that you hated about life.

Pretty strong argument for the addiction. False companionship, Faux
Love, a moment to share, and away goes anything but the wanting
of more disconnect.


In the various re-accountings of my past, there will be reference
numbers attached to each incident, disclosure of detailed physical
traits and activities. And at the end? A list of Names cross ref'ed to
the numbers with the current known identities of each individual.

Some names will slap you into a new sense of reality in What the Fuck
these government agencies have full complicity in perpetrating against
our Country and the American Public. All hidden. All Secret. To all those,
except the power structure that it has built to suppress anyone who
would divulge it's existence.

That's what this story is all about. The names will entice to listen, but
the horror is in the corruption and manipulation of Lives. Our Lives, and
These the Lives of the Exploited.

---More tomorrow.

Actually? ...This is exactly the place for it.

For when the media is forced to face itself, much
like they force others into scrutiny ...What Greater
moment of Purification to absolve them of the sins
in the complicity of One of the World's truly Great
Acts and Perpetuation of Deception Against not only
the American Public, but the World in it's portrayal of
Truth, Justice, Freedom of the Press, and the Ideals
that are Held together by the Fabric of Belief in Our
Own Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the History of
a Nation.

What Better Forum ...than that Where Man and His inner
Beast meet for a chat on the World's goings on?

What other place than Here?


It may start out lurid and slimy, but in it's ugliness be no
match for the destruction of The Truths all Americans held
to be self evident are nothing but an empty lie perpetrated
by the power hungry animals that treat our nation as their
personal swill trough.

Here meet the common criminal nature, and the Horrific Nature
of Greed that invades sovereign nations without care of outcome
in the quest for World Dominance at the People's expense.

What better place than a Forum that holds up "Anything Goes!"

Where through constant and carefully crafted communication, all
Men, Good and Bad, can share Ideas and Ideals.

This is that Forum. And these events Most concern the American
Press upon which these charges shall be levied. One Can Not Expect
Honor, If One does not exercise as such. And So Forced shall be that
exercise in attempt to salvage some level of integrity of the Institution
of Journalism which has long since sold itself out.

These seemingly insignificant events of Drug Sales, Prostitution on the
Streets of America, Robberies, Theft all tie directly to the Federal Government,
Drug Interdiction and the Claims that Black Folks were led down the
primrose path of Crack Cocaine Addiction to Fund Corrupt Overseas
operations by the CIA. All with full complicity and Conspiracy Against
the People of Our very Nation.

Divulgence of CIA Personnel is supposed to be a Federal Offense, Yet?
The CIA is not Legally Allowed to Operate within and Against the Interests
of the American People. So, They Are afforded no Protections in this Matter.

None, other than the Criminal Nature of the Activities with which they
have chose to engage themselves.


More meat in the next installment.

Back to the the World of lurid cheap sex.

The encounters will be kept in somewhat near
chronological order, as my exploits can't be counted
on two hands or two feet, or in a single calendar.

I, Like my Handles Character, Bill, did not believe a
single outing for a blow job was actual sex or cheating.

I didn't have a girlfriend, but still? ...I had become
concerned about my sexual performance, since achieving
orgasm with a rubber had eluded me.

I found a cute faced young blond girl on Del Paso Blvd.
and she took me to Del Paso Motel next to Lil Joe's Steak
House. I think that's the name of the place. She took me
upstairs and had a Black Male friend as a lookout, just
outside the door to make sure the transaction occurred
without incident. He was a Tim Reid Type to give height,
weight proportion.

I explained my sexual concern, and dilemma. She proceeded
to remove her clothes and service me. She was small and stout
in physical build, with less that attractively shaped flat breasts.
I tried to concentrate on the Beauty of her face as she mounted
me from above. Me laying upon my back. She rode me like she
was busting a bronco. Forceful Thrust after Thrust I met her.

This Girl put everything into it! And then some. I came violently!

I thanked her for her Great Efforts in achieving what I considered
my first successful bout with sex. I think it ran about $30 bucks.
I kissed her smiled, and left, as my security guard let me pass.

This, for labeling purposes will be called subject #1. She knows
exactly who I am, and knows all of the details of this account.
Her Identity, along with the others will be revealed at the end of
the story. Mostly for the Pure Shock effect of what this Story
Means not only to the Entire News Industry, but how intertwined
and deceitful our government's participation has been in the
Exploitation of these Lives.

I was pretty green to the City Streets and their happenings at
this point, and each encounter was more of a self exploration.
A rebellion of my shy nature that had always trapped me. I called
it the Pretend World. Not to be cross referenced to the Real World
of family and friends. By my very nature, I drifted between the two
Worlds seamlessly.

Being the loner Wolf or Coyote? ...I adapted to my new surroundings
to best assimilate myself into a life that did not make those with whom
I traveled on those streets wary of me. Not So, unless I was crossed.


Love at First Sight.

In my travels, one night on the Boulevard, I Caught the Flash of
a Bright Smile. Hauntingly Bright. A Beautiful Hispanic Girl Named

This was what I considered for the next 5 years, and quite rightly
to this day, as my second Soulmate. She was a fantastic Beauty
with a Great Smile! And Beautifully inviting personality. Barring She
wasn't pissed at you.

She took me to the B-Z-B Motel on El Camino Ave. This, like all of
the other area motels, was quite seedy, and not exactly what one
would call of a family atmosphere. I was nervous, She was so Beautiful!
And there right before me. She treated me kindly. She had enormous,
perfect breasts. I had not seen such, and was very impressed because,
Damn! This was all still new to me.

I asked her if "May I?" And she allowed me to suckle her left breast.
I was surprised by the texture and coolness of the flesh. We had
quiet sex. Nothing earth shattering, but Damn! I liked this Girl!

She will be listed as subject 2, and will no doubt be recounted in
several moments in this Story, as I pursued her to get off the streets
for the next five years.

For context, this would be around 1988. Very Important to the Storyline,
and the things that have since transpired, and the Subversive activities
related to the early 90's inner city crack epidemic, and complicity Between
the DEA and CIA to recruit street prostitutes into the Media Industry.


More Tomorrow ...


Near the river.

The Sex seemed fantastic! ...But alas!

It' was one of those moments that don't
present itself in it's true glory until 7 to 10
days later.

Gonorrhea ...

Need I say more? ...

..Yes! ...that's when you know it's True love!

There's Nothing that says, "Love", like a trip to
the local health clinic and a Conference at the CDC
that says "I Love You!"

Especially when your primary concern becomes the
apparent health risks to your Professional Partner.

Her first words, "I Can't Believe You Came Back!" She
was actually touched because i didn't want to kill her.

I said, "Honey! ...these people really need to talk to you!"

She said, Yeah! Yeah! ...I'll take care of it.

I received further confirmation of approval from CDC when
I told them, "I know I shouldn't be seeing prostitutes."

CDC's Response: "But that's what they are for!"

Anyway? ...I survived and my concern for this person only
deepened. For 5 years I tried to sway her from the street
life. As a matter of fact, on this very night She said, "You
Take me Home Right Now!" Not her street dwelling, But Her
real home. Her Mom's House.

She too, had thought she found something special, and was
going to try to kick the Dope Habit cold turkey. It doesn't
sound like much for a layman, but the depth of hold Heroin
Takes Upon a Person's Life is like a Bear Trap 'pon tender

It ain't gonna happen over night.

Never taking Drugs Myself, I was deeply encouraged by her
boldness in separating herself from the street.

After her failure, seeing me was just a reminder of that failure.
And like anyone who cared, if you were not an enabler, you were
the enemy of a continuance of the drug and the self medicating
relief it brought.

Lots of Trials and Tribulation over this One.


More Later ....

The Reason for such detail? To substantiate the truths
in what I am telling you. If I am going to hold these exploited
individuals to task for the past, I too must divulge all of the
truths, and recounting of my own sins of criminal activity.

Documentation will include testimony, work history, photographs
of real, and significant corroborating events tied to documented
police reports. The theory? ...If you can easily discount the evidence
presented? ...You also have to discount my own admissions of wrong
doing as false.

It can't be done.

I have spent years telling the truth. Being a Man of few Means,
the Truth is All I ever had, or held close to my heart. The Importance
of this communication is not the disruption of lives that have already
been torn by society and it's ills. It's About the exploitation of humans
and the Erosion of a free press, and The Lies of Our Constitution's
very Integrity.

That's What this thread is about.


More Later ....


This section is about a street encounter with Kathy Lee Gifford

I know she did me proud when she attempted
to Hump my Brains out! in the front seat of my
Truck. The $40 Dollar date was cut short by
the arrival of a Sac PD Unit, but other than that!

She huffed and puffed! And, made all the Special
Noises that you would expect from a B-Grade Porn
Flick. But She actually meant it!

I said, "What the **** is Wrong with You!"

She said, "I'm having Sex!"

Well? It all came to an end after I ruined the moment
with my questionnaire. And, that damned PD Unit had
become somewhat attentive.

This was at 'The Olde Spaghetti Factory' at 19th and
'J' Street in Sacramento California. Pissed at her pissy
attitude, and the date being cut short, I threatened to
steal her White Mink Stole as I drove out of the parking lot.

She cried out! ...And in fear of drawing more attention to
myself, as I was driving un-licensed, I threw the Mink out
the window and drove away sweating the PD Unit in the

Damn! ... the things I've escaped from.

I think she would have been a great lay in a motel room.
She took the top position, and did all the work, bucking
up and down like a bronc rider, with all the special Oooohs!
and Awwwwhhs!

I think she was further put off because I didn't want to double
date with her Sidekick. A Beautiful Black female with a Futuristic
Techno Haircut with shaved sides and pointy side burns. I think
it was Robin Givens, but I can't be sure.

Thumbs Up!

Back to the Saga ...

Money came easy back then. Probably
not as easy as it seems today. But money
and memories are like that. You always remember
the good ones.

I was making a couple hundred a day, kinda
floating around between 3 lives. What I called
work and home, (the Real World), and by night?
...the street life. A seedy mixture of cruising, late
nights, drug dealers and prostitutes.

I kept my wallet on the fat side. Everyone thought
I was f-ing rich or a drug dealer. But what it was, was,
I was cleaning up after work, eating at my favorite
local restaurant, and whether there or on the street
I was dropping $100 Dollar Bills.

$100 Dollar Bills for every purchase. What no one knew
was I would change all the broken $100's back into 'C'
notes the next day to hold that image.

Pretentious, of Course. The things you'll do to pump it
up a bit when you're just a lonely construction worker.
All the street girls knew two things, I was generally
kind like a mother -and he had money.

I don't know how I got locked into the program? ...
but the hookers and who they became in the future
had a hell of a lot more than chance written on their
contracts when they contacted me.

In what hit like a boom-a-rang nearly 20 years later,
and I had left that life for the better. Or? ...So I thought.

I had no connection to anyone, other than a few relatives
in Sacramento at the time. So? ...I'll take you on a ride down
memory lane, and we'll all see where we ended up.

I found this one girl, who, Damn! I really liked. She was a
brunette from Redding and I dated her three different times.
She was small, thin, and light training bra breasted. I never
knew anything about TV markets and such back then, but
from what I know now? ...She must of pulled her first job
in Redding, Ca. You know? The 'You Gotta Work Your Way
Up The Ladder from Market 200 Scenario.

Well? A hell of a lot of these girls Shot straight to the Top.
Not in chance fashion, but very organized.

Most of the dates consisted of parking in a secluded area,
but most specifically, I remember our last date. It was near
the shade of a big oak tree, backlit by the halo of a street
lamp. Sometimes I nailed her on the hood of the car, and
once on the trunk lid. This was a 78 Pontiac Skybird. Kind of
a Special Edition sissy version of a Trans Am that I had purchased
for $900 Bucks, and had the intent of giving to Referenced Girl
#2 if she could kick the dope habit.

The Car had a 350 cid with an automatic, but it got with it pretty
good. Back to Girlfriend referenced as #4 on the hood of the Pontiac,
I think I even told her that night I wished she lived here, in Sacramento.
I loved her curly shoulder length kinda permed brown hair, She was
cute as hell! ...And add 20 years? and your jaw still drops at the way
she's maintained herself. There's been hint that there was a daughter from
this union, but no specific confirmation. I don't know how they would
know it was exactly me to be the father, other than they are all doing
quite well (at least in appearance) but I do not at all feel that they are
in an Ideal situation. Certainly not as far as the publics perception and
understanding of how the press should be here in America.

She is with child at this time, and has married. She termed the most
recent pregnancy as a rollover accident? Or? ... She may have meant
us way back when. Either way? ...She's still beautiful. They keep very
tight tabs on my whereabouts for about the last 6 years or so. I think
they lost track of me for a good while until I started making my own
noise in news and on the internet.

The thing I most don't understand, is how I got tied right up so deep
in the same industry that they did, and I never picked up a camera
until around 1995? This was still 1990 -91.

Like I said, "The Last 20 Years Came Back like a Boom-a-Rang."
---more later

We'll jump a little forward here.

I started a job that was pulling some pretty
consistent dough, and I'd seen one of those
ads on TV about an upscale gentleman's
massage place.

...Sure I was driving a 10 year old work truck,
but it was an industrial part of town, and I thought
if I went late enough, the Mercedes and BMW Drivers
would be to worried about getting caught by their wives
to bother noticing my brief stay there.

Little did I know the Sheriff's Dept. had it in for this place,
and there was a good chance they were doing surveillance
on the place for sometime, as it was shut down within a year
of my first visit.

I was new to all this, and kinda scared like any new social
environment. The place was called Tokyo Hot Springs and
they weren't shy at the time, with large outdoor display and
television advertising.

As I entered, there was a small reception area with a couple chairs
and a house plant. A small office was partitioned with a wall stating
massage pricing. $35 half hour. $65 full hour, etc.

I had to wait for a moment, when a Beautiful Oriental Girl entered
the cubical. She seemed kind of excited by my presence, and instead
of calling a girl from the back, like I found they do, paid my money
and she came to grab my hand and whisk me through a hall way
of what seemed like endless rows of partitioned rooms.

She was taller, by the scale of most women I had encountered, and
looked like a Beautiful Doctor in her white lab coat. Her hair was permed,
and shoulder length. Make-up sexy, but not overdone. She approached
cautiously in asking about too many specifics, and I knew I would draw
some suspicion of being a cop, as I generally kept my hair cut short.

So, I just played dumb, which was easy since I had no business putting
myself in such a situation anyway. I let her go through the standard motions
of such an encounter.

She said get undressed and I'll return in a minute. I was very shy. I
got undressed and left my underwear on, not wanting to appear I was
seeking anything more than a massage just like the big boys got.

She returned with some towels, and began to massage my back. We
had light conversation, exchanged names and such. I used my standard
Michael, my middle name as a back-up attempt at some anonymity while
still being able to remember for myself, "Oh! That's your middle name!"

She was massaging my chest, and I pretended to be so taken by her
massage technique that I brushingly grazed her breast with my right hand.
She pushed it away, acting taken back by the offense. Again, I pawed at
her lab coat. And, then I asked her quietly, and point blank, "I've never
been to a place like this before, but I heard the girls would? But I don't
know how it works?"

She looked into my eyes, and I guess because of the sincere look of this
dude needs to get laid, combined with the pawing, had convinced her
that I was not a cop. She said, "If You have an extra $80 or $100 hundred
bucks? ...The Girls would.

I said, "I got $80 bucks!" She smiled! And I really wasn't prepared for what
was next. She took off her lab coat to reveal a yellow fishnet top, with
large spacing, so that her nipples protruded beyond the cloth. Then that
quickly came off! I Said! Damn! inside. Maybe Verbally Too!

This Girl was Fine! She had very small breasts, almost non existent, but
the most unique nipples I had ever seen. They were 3/4" to a whole 1"
inch long and protruded like long pencil erasers. This girl was excited, and
she wasn't shy about letting me feel like she wanted to get nailed too!

She had me erect rather quickly and mounted me from above on the
standard issue, professional massage table. She was Beautiful and rode
me like a stallion. After she worked it that way for a bit, I made my
standard move I had developed.

(I think this may have been the first time for this maneuver too?
...because there generally was no room for this activity in the truck)

Being fairly muscular back then, I liked to finish in the missionary position.

Me on top.

To assert control I would place my right hand behind the base of the girl's
backside, and with the other hand, in a single handed push up, would pivot
the Girl around, never disconnecting after entering.

The Sex was furious and we were both winded. She didn't let me go without
a rubber, but she was an excellent fit for me. If I had to describe
her performance? ...It was like having sex with Secretariat!

You know?

The Race Horse.

(Not that I have engage in horse sex, but you know what I mean?)

We got our things together and had light chit chat as she cleaned me up
with a warmed towel. She said she was from Oregon. I thought she was
from overseas? ...because she had perfect Japanese Characteristics.


I would have suspected no race mixing, other than her perfect English.


And that was my introduction to Tokyo Hot Springs!

Girl #5


Along with the processing and exploitation of
these Individuals, this Government Program has
to be on the complexity level of any of the notoriously
infamous covert operations such as MK Ultra,
the Philadelphia Project, and is most likely a
far more in depth version of the CIA's Mockingbird
Project laced with funding in conjunction with DEA
drug interdiction and Marketing of Narcotics inside
the United States.

... they have legal language already printed up to
Authorize the seizure of Media Communication and
Control, Circumventing all of the Protections of the
US Constitution.

What they did was, failed to inform the American Public.

They Did It!

Other than the control of the message that the Media
delivers to the Public, they are heavily involved in directed
surveillance activities against US Citizens. Utilizing their
broadcast strength transmission capabilities to monitor
businesses, and residential structures, including video,
audio, computer infiltration, phone records, phone taps of
residential and cellular communications.

They are not beyond setting up fully fronted businesses to
aid and support in these activities. They include construction
trades and home services. One of their favorites appears to be
HAVC Air Conditioning firm to install surveillance equipment under
cover of legitimate business activity. Their cameras of choice fit
within a 1/8th inch hole drilled in ceiling or wall surface.

Other preferred locations will be near the TV set so they can
disguise the equipment in such a way that the observed individual
does not suspect or find detection an easy undertaking. The wall
thermostat is also popular. Any existing wall utility makes a good
location, do to the fact that they look like they belong. Nothing
to make the observed subject to question their environment.

They also engage in generalized harassment, including: Organized
Sleep deprivation, Nuisance activities like changing channels with
infrared controllers. Mentioning details of your personal activities
on the local news to develop and induce levels of paranoia in the
Surveillance Subject.

Additionally, through cellphone records and contact monitoring,
the engagement of economic terrorism is employed to incapacitate
their chosen target. These activities include contacting friends,
relatives, employers, and contact manipulation to make the target
subject seem less than desirable to conduct business with. They
will go as far as making sure you meet the right or the wrong people.
Buy complete projects, request your services, and use the project
for conversational interrogation or as a disruption of employment
through customer related conflict.

I would never had a clue to any of these activities, if the activity
didn't tie right back in to the Drug and Prostitution Activities in which
I was engaged between 1987 and 1995. And Further Prostitution, and
ENG News Gathering activities between 1995 and 2005, as an independent

It came back to me, much like I said, "Like a Boom-a-Rang!"

They great failure in a surveillance operation is when those engaged
in the activities become so arrogant about their invincibility from years
of abusing unwary citizen subjects, that they become sloppy in the

Of the above mentioned prostitutes, One works at a Local NBC Affiliate.
One is in the Weather Dept. of the Local Fox Affiliate. Two are Primary
On Air Personalities on NBC's Today Show. One is the Co-Host of a
nationally syndicated Morning Talk Show.

These are heavy charges, and the importance of their airing rival any
infamously shameful event in America's History.

Absolutely Shameful.

More so the perpetration, than the hapless victimization of those who

---------This is not a novel ...this is a Documentary.

We can't do all the good parts at once, and
chronologically is still tough after 20 years.

So we'll take on one adventure at time. 1988.

When this City portion of the saga first began, I was cutting
firewood in Dixon, California. Having few marketable skills other
than labor. I found a Farmer advertising firewood for sale, and
contacted him in hopes of enterprising some form of gainful
employment. I chose this direction, because I had previously
been employed by my brother, and self-employed as a Saw
Operator cutting firewood, and eventually timber falling in the
South Shore of the Tahoe Basin.

So. Lake Tahoe was a very familiar surrounding for me as I had
grown up their from essentially from birth in 1962 to 1974, and
attended most of the area schools. My father was also a science
teacher at So. Lake Tahoe High School.

If you need any specific evidence of my presence there? ...You
can look for the distinctive 'M' I carved in the stump bases of the
trees I felled anywhere between Camp Richardson, Pope Beach, and
Gardner Mountain which recently burned and had significant press
coverage. This was between 1982 to 1984. Though I had been involved
in some type of firewood cutting and logging from childhood up to about

The Orchard in Dixon was Almond wood. They had 40 acres to clear, and
the Farmer's two sons, Mark and Matt Cooley ran the operation for their
dad. They said they'd give me a try for a day, as they half chuckled
because they thought of themselves, having a crew of Hispanic farm labors,
as the Professionals. We had agreed to a price of $9 Dollars per tree to
fall the tree, and buck it up into 18" inch long firewood rounds. They would
handle the brush clearing, and collection of the firewood.

I started by about 9am the next day, as I've never been the spry one when
it came to rushing to work in the morning. Not that I wouldn't drive fast on
my way there. Just rather avoid city rush hour freeway traffic.

I was kind of nervous as with starting any new job. I knew they would be
looking, and being farmers, they had got a good jump on the day already,
and their crew's saws were already buzzing away. And truck and tractors
rushed to and fro, moving wood about the property.

I got my saw out, topped it off with gas and oil, and gave it a fine tune
hand file sharpening. The other crew had taken out a good quarter row of
trees, which consisted of about 27 trees. And, with all of the bustling
activity had the hair on the back of my neck saying, "Well? ...Now you'd
better show them something."

I cut into my first tree. The wood was hard as hell, and there was kind of
a learning curve going through the negotiation of cutting the wiry brushy
limbs of the Almond tree. I knew my saw would be screaming down at this
low altitude, because of the induction of so much more oxygen in the air.
I fattened up the carburetor a bit, so I didn't over tach the engine.

Tree after tree i fell. I had trained myself to be as fast and efficient as one
could hope for with my trusty chainsaw. I knew mine was of significant
performance armed with a velocity stack and a gutted muffler. The skip
tooth chain provided a high rate of cutting ability and also afforded the
operator nearly half the time to re-sharpen should it become dull. A
K&N Products filter allowed the saw to run at full performance for an entire
day without service, and knew all of these elements would give me an edge.

It's like I've said on many occasion in the past. If you want to find the
fastest, easiest way to do something? ...find the laziest guy on the job.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. The trees fell. About quarter to 11 am, I caught Old
Man Cooley watching me cut out of the corner of my eye. I just kept
working. If you had to compare how I handled a saw to a normal guy?
I was a machine. No wasted movement, no wasted cut. And the trees

Around 2 pm. I had gained significantly on my counterparts, They at
about 3/4ths the way down their row. By 3:30 pm they were nearing
the end, and as they began to shutdown operations for the day, I had
already passed them as I continued to the end of the row. I fell two
short of completion. 25 out of 27. and $225 bucks for the day. I felt

The next day Mark Cooley told me about his dad watching, and had
told him of the way of my work.

I know? ...What does this have to do with the other part of the story?

Well? ...It was eventually Matt and Marks dad that ask me if I had ever
entertained the idea of meeting up with any of the Girls walking near 16th
Street in Sacramento? I said, "No!" And acted coy of such things. Hoping
he'd say more, because now! "Damn! He's got me curious!"

I knew about Broadway from just cruising, which has been a life long passion.
But I didn't know anything about 16th Street! I would have to explore.
I just loved cruising. Or anything to do with driving, and driving fast. It
could be a Toyota, and i would mash it for all it was worth. So that's
how I got to 16th Street. Actually by Dodge Truck.


When I lived in Tahoe, I was pudgy, 225, but in fairly good physical condition.
After finishing work at the Almond Orchard? ...I weighed in at 195 and
was nothing but muscle. No brain, still included. ?

This is how I think I was eventually targeted for specific girls on the
Street. Them being at the right place, at my wrong time. Because, Damn!
Today there are way to many of the people i contacted back then, in
the News and Entertainment Industry Now. If I hadn't been through the
past 6 years of surveillance bull**** and harassment? It would scare
anyone half to death.

Animal Husbandry - It's Always the Damn! Farmers!

If you placed that letter next to the letters
I keep to this day, of the girls who wrote me
from jail, you would know exactly why her goals
were exactly as stated. Not that they spoke of
lofty news positions. But were of the exact
education level. They are all in the news business

...and they were in jail for California Penal Code 647b

Now tell me I'm full of sh!t.

This is absolutely the single biggest story in the World.

Our Constitution and Press have been Hi-Jacked right
from under the noses of the American Public. And from
what I know, death an disappearance are not a problem
in it manipulation of these people, or this program.

The Girl I chased for 5 years to get off the street was
presumably killed in a Reno Hotel room in 1993. I believed
that to be true until very recently, and had tended her
grave site on occasion for all the years since.

She has had extensive plastic surgery, and voice training.

She does the Weather now for the local Fox Affiliate.

As Americans, We Are F-ed My Friends. It was early Summer if I remember right?
Though it could've been a little deeper into it
than that.

I was vinyl siding a house in what one would
consider a little less than savory in location,
with the local drug dealers house up the block,
and every other house peppered with recently
released paroles, or those wasting away the day
knowing they would be going back to prison sooner
or later.

That's what the word parole should mean. Recently
released and soon going back. Not that it's all there
fault ...as the system that stands before them
encourages and invites extended tours and re-enlistment.

The House itself, much like most houses that end up
getting the vinyl siding treatment, was in need of more.
It seems the uglier things get, the faster people want to
cover them up. And the home improvement industry is no

This is the lower end of the business world. With salesman
so desperate to get that next commission, they sell the job
by convincing the Homeowner into a refi they can't really
afford so they can get a lump some of cash on the frontside
and smoke it thru a crack pipe.

While I was working out in the hot Sun the first couple of
days, i noticed the visual interested young man who was
staying at the house at the time. He was fairly muscular but
rather on the short side for his age. I'm really being discriminatory
there though, knowing full well there are people of all shapes and
sizes, but I noticed.

He said that this was his girlfriend's parent's house and that he had
just completed his commitment for the California Youth Authority.
He was 25, un-employed, and no place to go. After a few conversations
and some questions about the installation process, I ask him if he
would like to make some money helping out.

I figured it was a good deal for both of us. He didn't need any transportation
to go to work, and if it didn't workout? I could just leave him at the
job site and move on to the next house. By the first day, I could tell
he was putting everything into it, and seemed to be a quick learner.
I also was learning a lot from him, as I had never had a black employee
on my team, as a matter of fact.

He told me about the neighborhood, and who was who, and served as
a liaison when I needed to convey something to his girlfriends parents,
should a concern arise. That's when I learned about the lack of interest
in the home improvement project on their part, because they had already
got the $5 Grand out of the Re-Fi, and that had been the primary reason
for getting the siding.

Keith was the kids name, and beyond being a good worker, he had an out
going bubbly personality that was quite engaging, and he was cute as sh!t
to the young ladies. This guy was bold about approaching woman and he
was very smooth. I saw him in action on occasion, as he flirted with girls
on future jobs he would work with me on.

He was so good at his work in fact, I gave him a dollar an hour raise after
this first home. Which later became another lesson in employer employee
relations. This because while his performance was excellent and far exceeded
my expectations, the raise was like putting lead in his pockets.

He immediately assumed the role of "I've Done Far too Much!, And I am Really
Good! Complex. So from then on, he was basically useless, other than
showing up. That meant he had woken up, and I managed to pick him up
at his girlfriend's parent's house.

As things moved along, I met his cousin Charles, who was a Tall Young
Brother, about 6' 3" with a muscular build. I decided I needed a little extra
help on a job, and Charles tagged along. This is getting into early fall, and
while I tried to compete to two of them together to increase Keith's lack
of performance, Keith kept falling further behind. Probably in good part to
his nature, and times being tough in the money department, had entertained
me into an illicit enterprise. Offering, "You give me a thousand bucks?, and
in a week? I'll give you $2000 back. No questions asked!"

I was quite leary, and due to tight funds, rather intrigued to see if it was
true. This is what they call in the Ghetto as: "Selling a Homeboys Dream!"
Much like all other too good to be true tales. So, there I was. Do I do it.
Or? ...Do I not!

Long story short, I did. And scared as f--- be I, as that grand was no small
pittance to me. One week passed, no word from Keith. Though he had worked
that week, he said, "Oh! Everything is moving just fine!" I started to rely on
Charles more heavily as Keith drifted away, missing Thursday and Friday's
work schedule. After a week and a half coming up on two weeks, I'd had
enough, I paged Keith (This is when everyone on the street still had beepers
instead of cell phones), I said, "Damn it Keith! ...I want all the Sh!t You
got left and I want it Now!" We made arrangement to meet that evening.


More Later ...

If this is connected to the same type of scenario
I got wrapped up in? ...Your field could be very large.
But of the nature of street things, I'm thinking a violent
past street partner would be far more likely than a
customer, (Re: John or Trick).

[img] http://www.geocities.com/california_state_unfair2002/bill_clinton2.jpg[/img]

There are a few things about this enterprise. The
victims know their life is getting better when they get
pulled out, but they are very controlled in their education
and thought. I would suspect drifting outside the program
would get one life in danger quicker than anything.

It's like U.S Government Pimps and they want full control
without deviation. They are making money off the girls, the
dope, theft, and maybe even baby farming. The selling of
unwanted pregnancies from street girls, and raising the price
by trying to ensure that they are at least fathered by high
quality Johns. (in my particular case, i was in good physical
condition, no drug or alcohol history).

And the list of who's who I encountered on the street was
unbelievable and beyond phenomenal. It wasn't chance.

If You can tie it all together? That would be something.

The most curious outfit I heard tale of in my parts were
a subculture amongst the people I knew that stayed at a
bus they used for shelter. More than one report came to me
via girls on the street, that there were to or three people
that were seeking people out that were distraught and they
would have circle pow wows to encourage the victim to
commit suicide. But as tight as all of these lives have been
connected since to media and entertainment, there is no way
whoever was running the show had to know about it.

I probably contacted no less than 200 girls on the street back
in the day.

So? ...

There I was.

A lowly construction worker from the mountains
with a half an ounce of Dope in my pocket, no idea
what to do with it?

I worked for the rest of the week, and sweated out
how I was going to get my money back.

At first I made Keith run me through the paces. Of course
he couldn't be trusted, but sometimes things are like that
on the street. I still had him as an occasional employee, and
so, we would work during the day, and prowl the night time
streets. It was an odd combination of me knowing some
potential buyers from my time out with the street girls, and
his time being locked up. It seemed everywhere we went,
someone knew Keith. His Cousin Charles the same way.

This is when I learned a lot about street communication and
the fact that blacks are by far the most socialized group in our
community. They know everyone, or are family of someone, or
have been in jail with someone.

They Be Knowing People!

We started out working the Rolling Green Motel. I didn't do
much of anything, but word got around pretty quick after one
girl knew we were holding. The very first sale I remember was
to Kerry and 'T'. Kerry was a hooker that used to work up near
The Golden 'T' Motel on Auburn Blvd. The Date I had with her
went sideways and she decided to pull a knife and exit the vehicle.

While I didn't mind her departure, I didn't appreciate the robbery.
$40 Bucks I think. I had a revenge motive and later spilled some
Chocolate Milk on her favorite suede jacket. It was kind of a whiteboy
drive-by. She was sitting on a rock in front of the Golden 'T' , and
I cruised up unassuming like and let her have it out the driver's window.

I learned later from another Girl how pissed she was because her jacket
had been ruined. I didn't think it was all that bad. Anyway, after the first
Dope sale, we kinda worked things out and later became at least street
friends. Kerry's boyfriend 'T' was a hot headed short BMA, but had some
character and comedy to him. He was likable if you weren't the one he was
pissed at. I saw him attack another motel patron in my review mirror as I
sat in the parking lot for the next customer. He had a 6 or 8 foot stick, and
was just beating the fuck out of the U-Haul Truck the guy was inside. 'T'
made no bones about being pissed.

I would sit in the parking lot 'til some enterprising hooker made a sale, and
could afford to go shopping, They knew right where I was, and when, as
all who lived there knew who came and went. Even the Motel Manager was
in on the hooking action. Either through giving breaks on rooms for a kickback,
or kidnapping girls that had enough of the forced life style by their abusive
boyfriend / pimps.

I think the Manager looks a lot like the over night guy at Channel 13 in West Sac.
He was always having to run off girls and people who would make duplicate keys
and check themselves into rooms after dark, without his knowledge.
You would always know when it was going down when you'd see him and
pack of his hoodlums making their way noisily down the upper deck walkway.
He would carry a big stick, and kind of pound it in his hand, and use it for a
door knocker.

I think they even may have been out to capture a girl named Dee that I
later became involved with later down the road. I couldn't keep too much
track of them. I just kept 'em close enough to handle business in the lot
without having any unexpected happenings.

This is close to when I first learned about police scanners, and the secret
power they held inside. It would later make me one of the best scanner
jockeys in the news business ever. One night I was hanging outside 'T's
apartment, and couldn't quite catch his attention. He was up on the second
floor kickin' it with some of the local gentry, and said, "I'll be out in a minute!"

Well? ...A Druggies minute, and you minute may be never. So I waited with
the engine running down below. This brought out the worst in a Brotha that
was obviously just out of the Pen. He was hot! Much like that kind of Hot!
when 'T' Attacked the guy in the U-Haul. Regular folk would not understand
this kind of hostility, but when you've lived with nothing all your life like my
agree new friend here at the side of my car? You become very possessive
about that little piece of real estate just outside your motel door.

In Ghetto Terms. That's your damned front yard! I said, Dude! Ease up! I'm
just waitin' for 'T'. I could tell he was about to go off! Despite my Genuine,
Kind, Demeanor, which i hold with everyone, until you piss me off. I was
sitting in the Firebird. You know the one that I nailed all the hot chicks in?
Ok? Skybird, sissy sky blue girl's car, Ok?

Anyway ...I had a scanner mounted on the center console, so I turned up
the volume. He lunged toward the car, as a Sac PD Units call crackled over
the Radio. And! Damn! homeboy became all docile right quick! He instantly
had me pegged for an Undercover Unit. And the first words out of his mouth
were, "Please! Don't Mess! Wit Sir! ...I Just Got Out! ...I Got's a Baby!"

He was back in that apartment so damned fast! I said, "Damn! ...That's
some Magic!" I never left the house without a scanner after that when I was
out and about. I discovered a whole knew kind of power. It's not who you
are!, it's who they think you are. The same technique saved my ass countless
times years later as a newsman. There's a bit of a learning curve both directions
when you're all of a sudden the whitest m-fucker in a Blackman's World,
especially when you've gone commercial slinging dope in their backyard. Not
that I was all that!, It's a matter of what they think.

----More Later

I am just a connection. You fill in the blanks.

A List of 72 Known Contacts as Pimps and Prostitutes on the Streets of Sacramento, Ca.

Most actively employed in the News and Entertainment Industries.

1. Alicia Malaby KXTV Channel 10, Prostitute Contact, Broadway Street, Sacramento, CA 1987 (Dated Subject 1 time).
2. Kelly Ripa - Regis and Kelly Syndicated Morning Talk Show. Prostitute Contact, Arden Motel, Del Paso Blvd. Sacramento, CA 1987 (Dated Subject 1 time).
3. Lyndsey Paulo KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Star Motel, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (AKA - Lynn) - (Dated Subject 1 time).
4. Angela Buchman, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Del Paso Blvd, and Auburn Blvd. at Bell St., Sacramento, CA (AKA - Melinda) - (Dated 3 times).
5. Julie Watts, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd at Morse Ave., Circle 'K', Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
6. Eileen Javora, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Morse Ave. near Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
7. Michelle Kennedy, KTXL Fox Channel 40, Prostitute Contact, Capitol Motel, 16th St. at 'N' St., Sacramento, CA (Dated 3 times).
8. Deidre Fitzpatrick, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd. at Watt Ave., Motel 6 at I-80 and Madison Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times).
9. Marcy Valenzuela, KOVR Channel 13, Prostitute Contact, Morse Ave. near Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
10. Katie Couric, CBS Evening News, Prostitute Contact, Dixieanne Ave. near Del Paso blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
11. Cheryl Hardy, Un-Known Employer, Prostitute Contact, Del Paso Blvd., Auburn Blvd., Los Robles Motel, Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times).
12. Kristina Werner, KTXL Fox channel 40, Prostitute Contact, Dixieanne Ave., 2741 Pope Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
13. Rosemary Orosco, KTXL Fox Channel 40, Prostitute Contact, Del Paso blvd., Auburn Blvd., Rolling Green Motel, B-Z-B Motel, Sierra Inn,
Pacific Motel, Sacramento, CA (AKA - Lavina Louise Bastio) - (Dated 4 -6 times).
14. Julie Chen, CBS Morning Show, Prostitute/Massage Therapy, Tokyo Hot Springs, Belvedere Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times).
15. Rose (AKA), Un-known Employment, Prostitute/Massage Therapy, Tokyo Hot Springs, Belvedere Ave., (Dated 3 times).
16. Ann Curry, NBC Today Show, Dateline NBC, Prostitute/Massage Therapy, Tokyo Hot Springs, Belvedere Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
17. Jewel, Singer Song Writer, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd., 37th Ave. at Power Inn Rd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
18. Patty Souza, KXTV Channel 10, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd. and 47th Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
19. Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Show, Prostitute/Bath/Care Giver, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time) - (AKA - Tracy).
20. Michelle Kane, KOVR Channel 13, Prostitute Contact, Del Paso Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time) - (AKA - Bunny).
21. Kristen Marshall, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Del Paso Blvd., Auburn Blvd., Los Robles Motel, Sacramento, CA (Dated 6+ times) - (AKA - Crystal).
22. Tonya Harding, Professional Ice Skater, Prostitute Contact, 16th Street an 'I' St., Sacramento, CA (Scamming, $25 Bucks).
23. Juliet Huddy, Talk Show Host M&J The Morning Show, Prostitute Contact, Motel 6, I-80 at Madison Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time) - (AKA - Brandy).
24. Jennifer Aniston, NBC Friends, Actress, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Los Robles Motel, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
25. Maryanne McClary, KMAX Channel 31, Prostitute Contact, West Capitol Ave., Motel 6, West Sacramento, CA (Dated 2-3 times) - (AKA - Marcy).
26. Venus Stromberg, KTXL Fox Channel 40, KFBK Radio, Prostitute Contact, West Capitol Ave., West Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time). (AKA - Sheree).
27. Pallas Hupe, KOVR Channel 13, Prostitute Contact, 17th Street, Edison Ave., Sacramento, CA , Experience Motel, West Capitol Ave., West Sacramento, CA (Dated 3 times) - (AKA - Dee).
28. Angel, KOVR 13/KMAX 31, Boyfriend/Pimp/Watchover - for Subject line 27, Drug Sales, Edison Ave., Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA
29. Lisa Breckenridge, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, 16th Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
30. Heather Fargo, Mayor, City of Sacramento, Prostitute Contact, West Capitol Ave., Stockton Blvd., West Sacramento, Sacramento, CA (Dated 3-4 times) - (AKA Scary Mary).
31. Susan Stonebridge, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Broadway St., 16th St., Sacramento, CA (Dated 3 times).
32. Sarah Gardner, Former KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Broadway St., Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times) - (AKA - Penny).
33. Terry Cox, KTXL Fox Channel 40, Prostitute Contact, 17th Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 3 times).
34. Meredith Vieira, NBC Today Show, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
35. Rachel Ray, Rachel Ray Show, Prostitute Contact, 17th Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times).
36. Lisa Rinna, Actress, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd. at Broadway St., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
37. Halle Berry, Actress, Drug Sales Contact, Auburn Blvd., 49er Motel, Days Inn, Triple AAA Motel, Watt Ave. Sacramento, CA (Dated 0 times).
38. Tina Machua, KMAX Channel 31, Sought to Purchase Drugs, Dodge City Inn, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 0 times).
39. Monica Woods, KXTV Channel 10, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 6+ times) - (AKA - Laurie Archer).
40. Anita Taylor, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 4-5 times).
41. Pamela Woo, KCRA Channel 3, Prostitute Contact, Orange Grove Ave., Ve Sun-Tan. Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
42. Walt Gray, KCRA Channel 3, Cross-Dressed Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd. at 65th Street, Sacramento, CA (Not Dated) - (Made 911 Call to report under age exploitation of Subject in Solicitation by Pimp).
43. Al Roker, NBC Today Show, Cross-Dressed Prostitute Contact, Broadway Street, Sacramento, CA (Not Dated).
44. Kevin Riggs, KCRA Channel 3, Cross-Dress Prostitute Contact, Broadway Street, Sacramento, CA (Blow-Job, Ejected from Vehicle upon Discovery He was a Male Subject).
45. Stephanie Cruz, KMAX 31, KOVR 13, Prostitute Contact, Orange Grove Ave., Ve Sun-Tan, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
46. Ve, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Proprietor of Ve Sun-Tan, Orange Grove Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 10+ times).
47. Marcey Brightwell, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Rolling Green Motel, Golden 'T' Motel, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time) - (AKA - Kerry).
48. Rainey, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, El Camino Ave., 17th Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 4+ times) - (AKA is Rainey).
49. Cristina Mendonsa, KXTV Channel 10, Prostitute Contact, Del Paso Blvd. and El Camino, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time) - (AKA - Stephanie).
50. Natalie Morales, NBC Today Show, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 2-3 times) - (Subject Stated She was from Redding, CA).
51. Campbell Brown, NBC Today Show, CNN, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA, (Dated 1 time) - (Contacted Twice).
52. Carla Barrows, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, 17th Street, West Capitol Ave., Sacramento, West Sacramento, CA (Dated 4-6 times).
53. Laura Cole, KOVR Channel 13, Prostitute Contact, Broadway Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times) - (AKA - Nikki, Michele Monigan).
54. Laura Ingram, Syndicated Radio Show Host, Prostitute Contact, West Capitol Ave., 16th Street, 17th Street, West Sacramento, Sacramento, CA (Dated 3-4 times).
55. Kelly Jackson, KXTV Channel 10, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd. at Morse Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
56. Eva Longoria, Actress, Prostitute Contact/Solicitation, San Francisco, CA (Dated 0 times).
57. Samantha, Proprietor Ve Sun-Tan, Orange Grove Ave., Sacramento, CA (Dated 6+ times) - (AKA - Sam).
58. Angelina Jolie, Actress, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time) - (Contacted Twice).
59. Jennifer, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 3 -4 times) - (AKA - Jenny).
60. Sean Young, Actress, Prostitute Contact, 'J' Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
61. Vicki, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA, (Dated 2 times) - (AKA - Vicki - Red).
62. Vicki, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Auburn Blvd., Sacramento, CA, (Dated 6 - 10 times) - (AKA - Vicki)
63. Kathy Lee Gifford, NBC Talk Show Host, Today Show, 19th Street at 'J' Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
64. Stephanie, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Watt Ave., Days Inn, 16th Street, Marysville Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times).
65. Debbie Rodriguez, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd. and 37th Ave., Sacramento, CA, (Dated 6+ times).
66. Debbie Renfrow, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, 17th Street at 'H', 'J' and 'P' , Sacramento, CA (Dated 6+ times).
67. Carla Ramirez, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, Stockton Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Dated 3 times).
68. Uma Thurman, Actress, Prostitute Contact, Edison Ave. at Howe Ave., Sacramento, CA. (Dated 1 time).
69. Caroline Kennedy, Political Action and Politics, Prostitute Contact, 16th Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 1 time).
70. Dave Bender, KOVR Channel 13, Pimp/Boyfriend/Watchover Subject in Line 13, Del Paso Blvd., El Camino Ave., Sacramento, CA (Contact Twice).
71. Kris Pickel, KOVR Channel 13, Prostitute Contact, Dixieanne Ave., Marysville Blvd., Sacramento, CA (Date 1 time, Robbed for $70). (Known Accomplice: Tony Toste, KOVR Channel 13 Cameraman, John Armstrong, Independent News Photographer, Sacramento, CA).
72. Sandy, Un-Known Employment, Prostitute Contact, 17th Street, Sacramento, CA (Dated 2 times) - (AKA - Sandy).

All Street Contacts.

Consider All Media Personnel Complicit and/or Knowledgeable of Program.

Written by -Tracy Mapes, Independent News Photographer, 1995-2005, Sacramento, CA

July 09, 2008

Further References:


homepage: homepage: http://california_state_unfair2002@yahoo.com
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Photos from 1991 - '93 16.Jul.2008 13:56

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This is before I became a Freelance News Photographer.

These People now specialize in Civilian Citizen Surveillance
and Disruption of Economic Wellbeing. They Are Locked in by
their past, and gave me the once over for being one of the
last links to that past.

They encourage your destruction through breaking all of your
personal and business relationships, and would hope that your
life's outlook becomes so hopeless that you would seek suicide,
and or commit criminal offenses to try and survive.

The Cops are as deep in this shit as the Media.

It is the Most Shameful thing I could ever see My Nation come to.

If they can't recruit you into the game? You are ostricized out of existence.

Their mistake? I was a loner with principles. They may not be the priciples

You Like? ...But they're the ones I came with. And, had I not carried forward?

How would You know the truth?

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Phots from 1991-'93
Phots from 1991-'93

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To: the Question of How Responsible it was of Me to Post this Information?

Dear Tracy,

I received both of your e-mails. I don't quite know how to respond. I am a bit surprised that you would post on-line accusations without independent collaborative evidence.



Dear Ma'am,

My accounts are true and correct as a witness. Not only an eye witness, but a private dick witness.
My where abouts and many of those listed can be corroborated by County Health Records, Police Reports, DMV Records, Sacramento County Jail Records, Correspondence, Photographs, and Accurate and Intimate details that only one who had sexual relations would be privy to.

One of the Subjects not listed in this report is also one of your blood relatives, who at the time, I did not recognize as such. She is now employed in the news industry.

Others in the report, I had engaged and in, and still retain physical evidence of combat. Others in the report were drug sales contacts.

The Mayor of Our fine City spent a good deal of time fucking my brains out, and she was always kind and courteous in her service as a Prostitute.

I first met her in West Sacramento where we engaged in sexual intercourse. I found the experience less than rewarding right up until the prophylactic I was wearing broke half way through the sexual act, and it was all good from there. I looked down, and upon seeing the residue of completely filling her with semen,
said. "Oh! Yuk!" To which she replied, "You did it!"

My second encounter with this Lady was on Stockton Blvd, near Fruitridge Rd., in front of the Ace Hardware
Store. I yelled out to her as she walked passed the front of my Vehicle, "Hey! You! Prostitute!" Believing she would find humor in it once she knew it was me. She did not find the humor, or acknowledge my presence, acting offended at the mere suggestion. I repeated the phrase, and once she knew it was me, agreed to another sexual encounter.

We drove to the dead end of Dias Ave. where I parked the Truck facing back toward the main thoroughfare.
We engaged in a Heavy Sexual foray which steamed up the windows to the point of making them quite hard to see out of. As we were finishing up, a Sacramento Police squad car pulled up to the front of the vehicle quickly. I said, "Oh! Shit!" ...and told the Mayor, "I'll handle this", as we both pulled clothing up against ourselves to appear somewhat dressed.

I rolled down the driver's side window, and yelled to the Officer, "Can I help you Sir!"

He inquired what we were doing, and upon a quick look at the fogged up windows, said, "I don't want to know!" And promptly drove away, leaving us both with our hearts pounding ...Again.

This being within one quarter mile of a known "Ho Stroll", that being Stockton Blvd., he was quite aware of the activity within which we had been engaged, Not that I did not appreciate the favor of his disinterest in the matter.

Our Mayor, at that time was using the alias of Scary Mary, and when I made the mistake of calling her Crazy Mary, she was quick to correct me. I had a number of other dalliances with A.K.A. as she was a good sex partner, and we got along well.

On other occasions, I once met with her and another Prostitute named Anita Taylor, and we spent a night in a motel room I had rented at the intersection of Parker Ave. and Stockton Blvd. While the plan was to engage in sex with both girls, I ended up on top of Anita most of the night, while Mary smoked crack in the bathroom. This was a turning point for me and Mary as I believe she was pissed that I was fucking Anita so much, and I think she had began to develop an affection for me. You see? All of my street girls Loved me. Because I treated them as human beings. Though, sharing that affection was still a matter of jealousy and a feeling that not only love was at stake, but money as well.

I Still to this day love All of My Girls, but some have acted outside the bounds of what I would consider safe for my person, either emotionally, or physical or financial threat to my person.


What you don't realize, is what has been done with these girls and men, is a far greater affront to our Community and the Integrity of Our Nation, than any indiscretion we have committed.

Until You realize that Your Government had transported a Great Many of these girls here to Sacramento for their engagement in acts of Prostitution, Robbery, and the Sale of Narcotics, and have profited from all of the above, should be far more alarming to you than my disclosure.

By the list of people that I have engaged in acts of prostitution, this is far more than simple Human Trafficking. Due to the fact of who your father was, and whatever genes he may have carried, It made me a prime candidate for the farming of offspring and or recruitment. Just be aware, this is a small part of the puzzle. But if no one is willing to stand up and place the first piece? ...We will never know the depth of this corruption.

Also be aware, there may be a child fathered with that as of yet unnamed relative also.


And do not fuck with these people. They can give or take your life away.

Love Tracy


The Truth be Known. That is the goal of this undertaking.

Our Government has Subverted Everything it means to be an American.

If I have my way? We Will Take Our Country Back.

And they will not sell our Mothers, Wives and Daughters upon the Streets of this Country or any

Other. If No One Tells? No One Knows. If No One Knows? Nothing Changes.


Listen to Wes Makepeace - 'War is Hell!' ~ Inspiration for Justice, whatever it may be.