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July 14th Olin Study Group: REVOLUTION IN MEXICO

July 14th. 6-8pm. In Other Words Books, 8 NE Killingsworth St
This coming Monday the 14th we are discussing current news in regards to
the REVOLUTION IN MEXICO, updates on the EZLN (Zapatistas), Oaxaca/APPO
(Popular Peoples Assembly of Oaxaca), CIPO-RFM (modern day Magonistas) and
other groups. The group is from 6-8pm at In Other Words Books, 8 NE Killingsworth St, Portland. We are discussing several current communiques and articles, but the primary one
to read up on is attachted and it is in regards to the uprising in Oaxaca
and where it stands two years later.

You can read find this weeks, future and past readings at:

Olin is a collective involved with many things right now. Locally we are
beginning campaigns around immigrant solidarity work and anti-LNG
(liquefied natural gas pipelines being built in Oregon), internationally
we are continuing to build relationships with revolutionary groups in
Mexico. We run the monthly study/discussion group the second monday of
each month that is open to the public. We run a beginners to intermediat
Spanish Class three times a month, and organize small fiestas and events
to raise awareness and funds and to bring people together to build

Come to the Study Group to meet some of us and ask questions, or e-mail
questions to  olin@riseup.net

íTodo el poder al pueblo! All Power to the People! -Olin

homepage: homepage: http://www.myspace.com/sinfronteras_olin