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NAFTA and SPP, Securing U.S. Access to Canadian Resources

Why we, Cascadians, also NEED to get out of the Amerikan Hegemony
NAFTA and SPP, Securing U.S. Access to Canadian Resources

By: Dana Gabriel - 9 July, 2008

Part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) objectives include further removing barriers and securing access and control to Canadian resources. NAFTA has already seemingly granted the U.S. unlimited access to Canadian energy. The SPP will bring about the further deregulation and privatization of Canadian institutions. There are also fears that under the SPP, Canada will become nothing more then a resource colony. If this agenda is not stopped and a North American Union is allowed to manifest, it will bring about the complete raping of Canadian resources and a once proud and vibrant sovereign nation will cease to exist.

To the global elite pushing for deeper integration, Canadian resources are viewed as North American resources. Multinational corporations are the ones who will benefit from a North American resource pact. We are witnessing the further takeover of Canada, as their own government is in collusion with powerful private corporate interests. It is through NAFTA and the SPP that a North American energy strategy is being implemented, one that favors the United States. Canada needs an independent energy strategy that puts its future needs ahead of the U.S. and multinational corporations.

As it stands, Canada's energy strategy is to essentially cater to U.S. demands while it is left importing fuel needed for its eastern provinces. Canada is the largest supplier of crude oil and natural gas to the United States. Canadian oil production is expected to reach the one-billion mark this year. There is talk of tripling its oil sands production by 2015. The Council of Canadians states that, "NAFTA prevents us from selling our energy resources at rates lower than we sell them in the U.S. We also can't ever cut back on the proportion of energy we produce and sell to the United States, even in times when our country runs short." The aim is to further expand oil and gas production in Canada. Through the SPP framework, the North American Competitiveness Council is further pushing Alberta tar sands development. Canadians need to be aware of plans to further integrate and hand over more control of its resources to the Americans and this also includes water.

The U.S. has long since coveted Canadian fresh water as it possesses one-fifth of the world's supply. Maude Barlow, the National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, said in a recent article, "water supplies, like energy supplies, must be secured if the United States is to maintain its current economic and military power in the world. And the United States is exerting pressure to access Canadian water, despite Canada's own shortages." Canada desperately needs a national water policy that would ban bulk water exports and protect its own future needs.

The SPP is a threat to Canadian water exports, not to mention the environmental problems it would create. Under NAFTA, bulk water is recognized as a "good" and therefore according to the agreement, it should be allowed to move freely across borders without government intervention. In Manitoba, there have been discussions of piping water that flows into the Hudson Bay and selling it to the Americans. The NDP provincial government has passed legislation prohibiting water exports. In order to truly protect Canadian water and other resources, NAFTA must be renegotiated, or better yet, repealed.

The SPP is continuing economic integration where NAFTA left off. Security, military, judicial, and political integration into a North American Union is also taking place incrementally. Some believe that a North American Union will bring security and prosperity to the region, but it is really a system of control. It is designed to breakdown national sovereignty, further consolidate wealth, and suck dry the resources of Canada and Mexico. The corporate agenda to privatize Mexican energy is encountering fierce resistance. Continental integration is being fueled by globalization, and a North American Union is another step towards world government and the total enslavement of the population.