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Pitch Pipe Infoshop Under Surveillance

Pitch Pipe Infoshop under surveillance
For Immediate Release:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The residents of the Pitch Pipe Infoshop recently became aware of the existence of a hidden surveillance camera attached to a utility pole across from their house. The camera is hidden inside a box which is meant to resemble a standard electrical box. There are no other boxes like this on any of the utility poles in the immediate area. As the below picture shows, there is clearly a "camera-resembling-object" resting behind the transparent surface at the base of the box.


The camera directly faces the Pitch Pipe Infoshop.


It has a clear view of the room at the top of the house.


This development does not surprise anyone at the Infoshop. In the past, the Tacoma Police Department has called its residents a homeland security threat. In the past, residents have spotted and chased away under-cover 'law enforcement' staking out the house. This development does make the residents angry, however. These photos are being released so that others may know what to look for and so that others can clearly see what the government (local or otherwise) is doing to all who vocally express their anger at the current state of things.

It is uncertain which law enforcement agency is behind this camera. This camera exists, though, as you can clearly see. Perhaps this camera has seen the residents of the Infoshop playing with the neighbors children or having picnics with the family next door. Perhaps it has seen the residents organizing a show in the neighborhood park in which families and children from across the neighborhood attended during a beautiful, sunny day. Perhaps, maybe, the camera has seen the residents acting like everyone in the neighborhood acts: like humans.

The residents of the Pitch Pipe Infoshop are not criminals and they are not terrorists, no matter what the government may try to say. They are normal people, leading normal lives. They are interacting with their community and have the support of that community. They are wonderful people who leave the door open to anyone who wishes to come in ('law enforcement' excluded).

A rose from the Pitch Pipe yard.


Spread this information as widely as possible. If you choose to ignore this information, you are turning a blind eye to the constantly encroaching totalitarianism of this government. What is being reported can be independently verified by driving to the corner of 7th and MLK Jr. Way in Tacoma and walking to the alley in between MLK Jr. Way and L Street. The camera is fastened to the utility pole at the entrance to the alley (the alley ends at 7th).

Keep fighting the good fight and do not let them scare you. They have nothing on anyone and are doing these things because of one thing: fear. Fear of the population they have abused for far too long.

Concerned Independent Journalists

Spookcraft 101 11.Jul.2008 04:56

Mike Novack stepbyspefarm <a> mtdata.com

Are you trying to fool them by pretending you are totally incompetent? Do you think the gains made by jumping up and down announcing that you are under surveliance exceed losses from being successfully spied upon? Those are possible RATIONAL explanations for your current behavior. Unfortunately, so is ignorance of "the game". Noramlly .........

The spy you know about, the hidden camera you know about, the bug you know about, these are NOT threats to you. Instead they are oportunities if used carefully.

1) If you disclose you have spotted the spy, the camera, the bug, etc. or if you disable them then these get replaced with ones you have not yet spotted. The time to destroy them is only after "they know that you know" (so they will replace anyway).

2) As long as they don't know that you know they will place some trust in information from this spy, this camera, this bug, etc. ou can carefully USE that fact to sometimes feed false information. Tricky business that, because if JUST false information they will soon figure out that "you know". In other words, you have to figure out what real information to allow -- generally stuff you are sure has been compromised AND CONFORMED from other sources.

3) If you want to play (and want to win) learn the rules. They aren't new rules, the fundamentals haven't changed, just the technology. So reading a half dozen accounts, memoirs, etc. from the WW II era might be a good place to start. In a way better than trying to obtain what isn't available yet (accounts, memoirs, etc. from the current generation of "spooks" vs "resistance" or "spooks" vs "spooks") because it is the fundamentals that are important --- you should be asking "how does this apply given modern technology".

not sure about Spookcraft 101, but .. . . 11.Jul.2008 08:06

Surveillance Camera Players

we found it helpful to see the camera you spotted, which appears in fact to be a camera, a new or specially designed one, and not something else.

unless folks like us can know exactly what the new cameras look like, we can't map their locations and expose not just one particular camera, but all of them.

good work!

an idea 11.Jul.2008 16:09

Ecotopian Yeti

maybe we need a Surveillance Camera Watch website

WatchingUWatch dot something

an idea 11.Jul.2008 16:10

Ecotopian Yeti

here is an idea what about a Surveillance Camera watch site something like

WatchingUWatch dot something

How I Would Look At It 13.Jul.2008 07:14


I agree with everything Mike Novack says above, except that I can see why it is important to publish this. You should absolutely take all of his advice. But I would take further considerations into account. I have been involved with similar situations for about 40 years, except "they" didn't take these things to such an extreme where I was, in my time.

First of all, the "camera" is clearly intended to be noticed. I have 30 years in electronics, so I could tell you about the cameras. There are two very different ways of doing "surveillance." If you are really investigating someone (and you have reasonable sophistication), they simply will not know they are being watched. Think about it. That young girl with the cell phone? The cell phone has a camera so small you can hardly see it. So, for example, if they really wanted to simply watch you, the box would have a small "drill hole" that you probably would never even notice. Phony, or "semi" surveillance happens a lot. The point of it is not primarily to watch you, but to perpetrate a somewhat subtle form of harassment. Many instances of this have been described. See:


Frankly, putting a box with a window on it on a pole is pretty gross. I would ask the power company to take it down. There is no realistic reason for it to be there. It could be just a tiny hoax, or it could be part of a "stalking phenomenon." If this is done to an individual, it can be more problematic. For example, doctors will say the person has "schizophrenia" (a strange word). That would actually require that the person have a severe neurological disorder that basically scrambles their thoughts. It is well known that any person that is in an environment where they cannot obtain adequate information to feel secure (prison, for example) will "become paranoid."

One other thing! You mention:

"They are interacting with their community and have the support of that community. They are wonderful people who leave the door open to anyone who wishes to come in ('law enforcement' excluded)."

It's extremely helpful to retain the support of the community, but that's not guaranteed. Rumors happen. The part about being "open to anyone" is a bit scary. It's wonderful, if it works. There are people out there who will come in, disrupt, cause harm, or even "take over." And if you have assets, people will always be attracted to usurp them. It's wonderful to be open, but I would fully expect to be subverted in some way. Just don't be too surprised if that happens.

Thank you 17.Jul.2008 09:11

Brenner RavenDawn86@hotmail.com

I think what you are doing is well beyond needed and anyone who is taking the time to inform the general public is with me. So I am open to unite with any groups bound to this purpose. My e-mail is  RavenDawn86@hotmail.com.
Fear is their only weapon.


did you see where the wires leads to 18.Jul.2008 17:35

low volts

where does the wire that is attached to the camera box (or is there one?) lead to?