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Look up. It is a beautiful clear sky!

Just some thoughts on the blue sky above us.
The sky outside is a clear beautiful blue today. And you know what, airplanes are still flying overhead. Where are the vapor trails or contrails?

I'd rather not waste time thinking that some group of maniacs is out spraying our atmosphere with who knows what, but when I actually see a clear day out there, it does make me wonder. It is so rare now. Usually there are some criss-crossing patterns of exhaust slicing the blue. Today it is clear. Why is this?

1. All plains are grounded and therefore no exhaust is present.
2. The atmospheric conditions are such that the exhaust is not visible.
3. No one happens to be spraying right now.

Number one is out. I can see occasional plains drift by.
Number two is hard to accept. To my eye there trails show up in all sorts of conditions.

Maybe someone here can try to persuade me to number two. It will take more than words though. I want data that shows temp, humidity and conditions for the formation and lack of formation of these white snakes. I'm not holding my breath. Then again, it is a clear day, so really I don't have to.

"To my eye there trails show up in all sorts of conditions." 10.Jul.2008 20:40

well you must be an expert then huh

It's called "low humidity." Persistent contrails form in the same conditions that any other ice clouds form at the same altitude. You can google "cirrus" and "contrail" if you're really interested in learning anything, and not disingenuously feigning a moderate and naive position for the sake of baiting an argument out of some victim and wasting space on this newswire.

Yes 10.Jul.2008 23:41


Yes, today was absolutely beautiful! The sunshine was warm without being hot, and there was just enough light breeze. I soaked in the sunshine while peace vigiling, after a terrific cool water exercise and hot tub. Then a good dinner with friend, followed by hearing RFK Jr. speak in Vancouver. He bashed GW and the polluting industries. It was a perfect short-sleeve and sandal-wearing day and night.