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the Visionary Report (inaugural post)

This is *the* inauguration of "the visionary report", a report whose author(s) wish to inspire people, in a regularly appearing way, beyond the same old again and towards evolutionary meaning and living in this world.
a spirit spoke thru me to help me deliver this
a spirit spoke thru me to help me deliver this
Over and over we are so-called "educated" to believe in and trust a Certain Way Of Doing Things. Chomsky sheds light on this "good education" a little, and decolonizing indigenous folks shed much more light.

You read things like "Just Leave Us Alone!" by a Papua New Guinea tribesman, and you begin to see that there is more to the picture than what has been systematically presented to all of us living uncritically within colonial societies.

That is a first step. A little Chomsky (whatever incites you), then a good dose of pre-and de-colonizing indigenous folks' ways of seeing. The next step is to see how these truths affect you on a personal, day-to-day basis. How are you colonized (i.e. kept reduced from your original intent to truly live)? In what ways are you and yours affected by this reducing of who we are?

The next step after beginning to basically see these truths is to perhaps play more; that is, create yourself and your life (including at work) how you would LIKE to live. And to go through and beyond the belief that such things are "impossible".

After all of this (or perhaps some will want to take a short-cut, heh) is something on par with activating the intuitive, creative, *indigenous* within you (we are all descendants of tribes, after all!). This can include "arming" your creative-leaning desires and intuitions in such a way that you take such desires away, finally, from the realm of mere entertainment (or spectacle), and into the realm of everyday life.

You can touch the water with your toes a little, if that's your feeling about things. Okay. Others may feel like diving right in, so long they may've waited for someone else to say things like this! Okay!

Explore! Life is an adventure if we want it! We need not be completely reduced by "seriousness"; the trick is to find the "mean" between, if that's your calling. Some of us will escape altogether, others of us will escape in portions. Up to you!

If we are allowed (here on indymedia), "the visionary report" will be exploring such angles and approaches, demystifying what it's like to live and thrive in a way beyond the confines of "freedom" and so-called "normality".

Stay tuned!

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