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Oil Drunk whOregonian Clubs Cyclist with Hatchet

When is a hatchet a blunt instrument? Imagine this, if you can: Andre the Giant, Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or more probably one of their incredible fantasy movie characters lifting a 20lb bike over their head and clubbing a poor schmuck repeatedly. Hard to believe... .. but, at least possible with the strength of 3 men in one. Incredible perhaps? Well credibility is definitely the issue here. The latest whOregonian full front-page photo and headline reads: "Cyclist clubs driver with his bike"; a very blunt hatchet job. Does anyone remember the full page photos and headlines that they ran every time a biker was killed by a car in Portland: "Driver kills biker with his car" ? No? Well, that's because they never ran such a headline.
Hatchet Job
Hatchet Job
From over at my blog..

I want to waste a couple of words to say directly how ridiculous such an assertion of "clubbing" is in the context of a large bike and how marvelously biased the whOregonian is against biking. Well, I won't take the time to get into it because it's not news to anyone.... and neither is this story.

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