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FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 Will Permit Massive U.S. Government Surveillance

It is necessary to read the entire bill, not just sections, to ascertain the "Probable Cause" low standards for wire-tapping and spying. THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008, H.R. 6304 EH is at:
Following is HR 6304 "(2) Probable Cause" section under (C)(Order):

Note the weak word "May" in this "Probable Cause" paragraph of HR 6304 leads readers to believe this provision will actually protect U.S. Citizens from government agents violating their Constitutional rights.

"No United States person may be considered a foreign power, agent of a foreign power, or officer or employee of a foreign power solely upon the basis of activities protected by the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States."

This vague language of THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 should concern U.S. Activists that network with other activist, especially with groups overseas. For example, the Stop the War Campaign and labor groups transcend countries. Some of those country's governments strongly oppose U.S. policies.

After the Senate passes HR 6304, U.S. Activists who network, especially with international activists, might especially run the risk that they "MAY BE CONSIDERED" by U.S. Government, agents of a foreign power if they support causes opposed by the Government. Historically it is has not been beyond this government to make such charges.

FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 will permit massive U.S. Government surveillance of electronic communications going out of and coming into the United States, with minimum court oversight. U.S. Government may also use several broad provisions of the Patriot Act to further its domestic surveillance.