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Money is a vice I wore

this is to Barak Obama who wants to only listen to his "Con Tributes" or also known as picking up the undecided vote. I vote no. How about that FISA? How about that death penalty? Gun laws? How about I vote NO Obama? No CON tributors> no moderates > justice is just us.....
Money is a vice I wore
Taking over my mind
It negotiated its own results .
It had its own illogical sequences
Bad mathematic formulas that no one bothered to unravel
The sequences were not 'solvable"
And there fore pleasing to the economic
It made sense to me that money was power
And I had abdicated the throne.
I gave power willingly to others so that
I may compromise and get more money
Though money had no result
To the Germans before the war
To the confederates in the war
To any of us in America now
Money is a loan
And democracy is our payment plan
We sell off time shares of freedom
So that we can have gadgets that break down
Money is a negotiator something
We chase for hopes of basic necessities
And then chase more for hopes of personal power
And then chase more in hopes of personal time
And then chase more in hopes of personal knowledge
And then chase more in hopes of personal philanthropy
And then chase more in hopes of personal dynasty
And then chase... ... ... ... ..
We have lost ourselves in credit card debts
Our debtors want oceans, mountains, rainforests,
They want compromise, easy labor, easy come easy go
They want what money cannot buy
And it is my freedom that I sell...
Money is a vice I wore
It allows for starvation, global warming,
And destruction of cultures
And extinction of all others.
I am an economic slave.
My mind is warped by the concept
Of money. I wears the imprint of God
On my dollar
My mind accepts and rages against the destruction
Of money as negotiator.
It is entangles in the web of deceptions.
Paper, coin, fingers.
Which is more real? The hand reaching to you from one of the
Ten thousand children who will die today
Or the jingle bell rock of coins to be spent in Gods holy
Special issue this year only silver dollar
as you negotiate parking spots
And think if only I had more money...
Paper, scissors, coins
God Trusts you with Cash. Don't tear up
Your money it is a federal crime
And we took every last one of your reserves to charge you
For our failures
This is the new money scheme for tax payers.
Confederates burnt money for heat,
This must have been worthy of the death penalty, surely,
Money has its hands on God.
Money is a vice I wore
Though every one could see through it.
It enslaves and owns its own comedy club
And I am a stand up comedian.
I have pockets full of bones
Which I roll down the magic read carpet.
I am flying. See money.

Look money. Everywhere I point there is more money.
To you they look like redwoods, lakes and deserts
But to me with my spectacular vision I see

Money is a vice I wore, now I can wear nothing.