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Friday, July 11th: NW No RNC! Consulta - Tacoma, WA

Come one! come all! A strategy consulta for all NorthWest activists who intend to stand under black flags in Saint Paul come September.
A notice to call out of work, skip summer school, take a break from your book, defer your zine, delay your scheming, suspend the everyday hustle, postpone that appointment with the politburo (perhaps you've had a change of heart), wakeup before 9AM, and quit daydreaming for just one day; the NorthWest RNC Stratergy Consulta is here.

On the morning of the eleventh of July, anarchists and anti-authoritarians are meeting at the charming pitchpipe infoshop in Tacoma to discuss a variety of things related to the RNC. Among them:
Getting there ; transportation
Doing things there; our tactics and tools (spells)
Their tactics and tools; (the police)

Maps and information regarding the status and qualities of each sector will be provided to facilitate discussion and planning. There will also be a workshop on police weapons and tactics, which includes the things we've seen before as well as possible new weapons that may make a debut in Minnesota. Lunch, childcare, and spanish translation will also be available. We also have time set for people to organize transportation. The purpose of which is to make concrete contacts based on need, means and compatibility, so please come knowing what you need or what you have to offer in terms of transportation. The Schedule is as follows:

10am-noon: Map analysis

Noon-2: Strategy discussion

2-3: Lunch/Police Weapons discussion

3-5: Strategy Discussion Continues

5-6: Transportation Discussion

The pitchpipe address is
621 Martin Luther King Jr Way (near 6th Ave and MLK Way)
Tacoma WA 98405