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Oh Big Brother, Where art Thou? - FISA Bill, Portland Perspective

Been looking at the FISA amendments - HR 6304 today and the debate (which got to moved to tomorrow because senators were going to NC or coming back from midwest and delayed flights). There seems to be a lot of attention focused on the immunity for telecoms provisions of the bill and calls to not be focused on them e.g., The EFF's Support of Bingaman Amendment and This Corporate Media Article - stressing other provisions. The telco immunity is being stressed in some ways because of cases by the EFF and ACLU against the teleco's. The immunity would effectively stop these cases and trump recent rulings by Judge Walker ruling that FISA preempts state secrets privilege. The other provisions raise more concern.
Who hates your freedom?
Who hates your freedom?
Here is a link to an article over at voxhumanum.org that takes a look at the FISA / Telecom Immunity bill that just passed in the senate and well on its way to becoming law. The bill is going to let the telecoms (e.g. AT&T) walk and all the cases will be dropped. Senator Wyden voted against it. Senator Smith voted for it.... and, of course, Senator Obama voted for it... i.e. to let the NSA keep spying on citizens... while, interestingly enough, Senator McCain abstained. Ooh baby baby its a wild world... it's hard to get by just a upon a smile.

homepage: homepage: http://www.voxhumanum.org

Obama's brave stance 10.Jul.2008 01:29


Really... outside of the pure insanity of it all (and some well placed bets), I don't care about the sElection but... Here is an audio tidbit that is neat.. Obama's Brave Stance

p 10.Jul.2008 22:30


Obama is yet another traitor in DC.