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On Saturday, July 12, Portland Anonymous will hold its sixth monthly protest outside the Church of Scientology at 11am. We will be meeting at the Umbrella Man at Pioneer Courthouse Square, then marching to SW Broadway and Salmon. Our June protest grew to over 60 people.
Portland Anonymous --  http://www.pdxanon.info --  http://www.dropthebomb.info/forum/

A worldwide online collective known as "Anonymous" is protesting the Church of Scientology on Saturday, July 12th at 11am. The Church of Scientology Celebrity Center is located at 7th and Salmon, in SW Portland. We will be meeting at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 11am, then we will march to the Church.

This is our sixth monthly protest, and our numbers continue to grow. The protest on July 12th is part of a worldwide protest event; We are in most major cities in America, Canada, Europe and Australia. The largest protests will be in New York, Los Angeles and Clearwater, Florida, where the Church has strongholds; turnout is several hundred in these cities. Overall, Anonymous claims over 9000 members. Portland's turnout has been around 50 for the past 5 months over 60 in June.

We believe the Church of Scientology is a secretive organization (a cult) that operates many tax-free businesses because of its religious status. Anonymous is not an anti-religious group, however. We are opposed to the systematic corruption and human rights violations that take place. Attending the protest will be local ex-scientologists and ex-"Sea Org" members (staffers) who are willing to share their experiences. They have some great stories.

Anonymous is opposed to:
- The policy of disconnecting families (Disconnection Policy)
- The policy of harassment of critics (Fair Game Policy)
- The private prison at Gold Base in Hemut, California (SP Hall)
- Government Infiltration (Operation: Snow White)
- Harrassment of the media (Operation: Freakout)
- Overuse of litigious threats (see below)
- Coerced Abortions for Sea Org Staff
You may find more information by searching Google or Wikipedia for these terms.

Please join Anonymous on July 12th.

homepage: homepage: http://www.dropthebomb.info

So, 09.Jul.2008 15:16

Jim Lockhart

Does this mean that Portland Indymedia is being sued by Scientology?

You can't maybe discuss the case, but I think that this fact would be of interest to the readers of this site. Especially since it was more or less insinuated in the title to the newswire post.........

. 09.Jul.2008 23:25


I'd guess that the title was posted by the author as it is and not changed cause indymedia was getting sued. I have no inside info, that is just my guess.

bleck 10.Jul.2008 07:35


My personal experience with Scientology is that it is a dangerous cult.