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GITMO Justice

Seems that a judge is hot on the Bush n Company GITMO excuses.
And after lots of hard work by lawyers working for free to bring truth and justice.
Now this dirty 8 year operation has a judge demanding answers.
The judge overseeing the GITMO trials has told Bush Co to "get on with the trial" as the proscuters(sic) ask for more time to "get their story and charges straight"

"The time has come to move these forward," Judge Thomas F. Hogan said Tuesday during one of the first hearings over whether the detainees are being held lawfully. He goes on to say "Set aside every other case that's pending in the division and address this case first."

One other comment by Judge Hogan that was "right on" was when he wonders why the prisineers were even "picked up"?
"If it wasn't sufficient, then they shouldn't have been picked up," Hogan said, adding that he probably would make the government explain any proposed change. And those changes were The Justice Department is asking for about eight more weeks before they turn over any evidence, and they are expanding their proscution team handling the cases so now they are asking for time to get the new attorneys brought up to speed, settled in their (sic)new offices and approved to handle the classified evidence.

As expected the lawyers for the detainees adamantly oppose that move and Judge Hogan was skeptical of their request.
If the evidence was enough to warrant holding the detainees for six years, he said he didn't understand why it suddenly needs to be changed? Which is exactly what I was thinking.

More details are out in the main stream press concrning this