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Company that Led Torture Training for Mexican Police Is UK's Risks Inc.

To fully lay out the evidence for this article, HTML formatting is necessary. So this article includes a teaser and link to the Narco News article.
The foreign company captured on video training police in León, Mexico, in torture techniques is Risks Incorporated of Miami, Florida, and Great Britain, Narco News has learned. The Mexican daily El Universal identified the leaders of the torture workshop as "Jerry Wilson" of Great Britain and Cuban-Mexican Gerardo Arrechea on July 3, but officials refused to identify the company for which they worked.

Risks Incorporated has a Miami telephone number, which could explain why Mexican officials stated that the company they contracted to lead the torture training was a "US private security company." Both individuals, according to information obtained and confirmed by Narco News, are Risks Incorporated employees.

To read the full article with photo, video, and other electronic evidence, please see Narco News:  link to narcosphere.narconews.com
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