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Olympia: City Councilman's Business "defiled"

Dear Jeff Kingsbury and other really bad people,
On the night of June 6th, a bunch of us kids traveled to the port-a-potty behind the Salvation Army. We filled 5 light bulbs with shit, carried them over to Jeff Kingsbury's Capital Playhouse, and covered his marquee in human feces.

We felt it was appropriate to use that particular batch of feces, given that the people who voided it are the same people Jeff Kingsbury does not give a shit about: those with little, those with none, those trying to have something, those who have given up.

Jeff, you have always been a slimy politician. We watched you condemn Camp Quixote (Olympia's tent city) and then praise it when the time was right. We have watched you do whatever it took to appear to be on the side of the good people: us. But you are not, Jeff. You are arrogant enough to assume you can represent the kids of Olympia and you are foolish enough to attempt to destroy our playground. We will not quiet down for you and your masters, the people who are giving you money to ruin our town. We will ignore the noise ordinance you are attempting to shove down our throats. We will make sure you pay the price for meddling in things it is best to leave alone.

On the night of June 6th, we also climbed onto one of our jungle gyms and painted something. We painted it on the wall of building which will be replaced by the proposed condos. We painted the words YOUR CONDOS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN OUR CANVAS (A). This phrase is the first thing people will see upon descending the bridge into downtown. Unfortunately, Jeff, no one likes you. And everyone likes us. We will win.

We are the children of Olympia. We are the Nihilist Assault Group, otherwise known as NAG. We are anarchists who will never obey any authority, even the authority of other anarchists, and thus can be classified, if you like, as nihilists. NAG is the child they attempted to silence. NAG is the fire alarm pulled during class. NAG is the burning school and the clogged toilet. NAG is everywhere.

NAG is not affiliated with any group, organization or project in Olympia other than NAG. Everyone hates NAG. We are perfectly content with this and prefer it that way. It is not everyone who has the courage to fling feces.

NAG will strike again!

-Nihilist Assault Group