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Ingrid Betancourt is a Columbian Green Party Leader

I have yet to see the corporate press acknowlege the fact that Ingrid Betancourt is a Green Party member and representative.
I've seen and heard numerous press reports on TV, radio and in print. I have yet to see a single one mention her Green roots.

The corporate media both here and abroad would prefer the Green Party didn't exist since we are opposed to corporate domination, stand for peace, social justice, democracy and ecological sustainability. Here is the GP USA press release regarding this event.

Colombian Green Party leader Ingrid Betancourt was rescued from captivity on 7/4/08, after being held hostage for six years by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Ingrid founded the Green Oxygen Party in 1994, establishing a new political force committed to peace, women's empowerment and a fairer society. She was elected as Colombia 's first Green Senator in 1998, and in 2002, she ran for the presidency. Dedicated to non-violence, she was campaigning in the country's demilitarized zone to appeal for peace when she was kidnapped by the FARC. The Green Party of the United States wholeheartedly welcomes Ingrid's release, whose indomitable spirit and commitment to justice and have inspired us and millions of people worldwide.

Indeed 08.Jul.2008 07:40

Den Mark, Vancouver

I noticed the same thing. Explaining Betancourt's Green status does not fit into corporate media's filtering process. I've intended to complain to corporate news headquarters about this, & your message reminds me to do it, now.

Not surprising.... 08.Jul.2008 11:31


Kenyan Deputy Environment Minister and peace activist Wangari Maathai is also a Green party leader in Africa.

Yet when her Nobel was awarded, the corporate media neglected to mention her Green party status.

This kind of thing happens all the time, especially when greens run for non-partisan local seats.