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Fight song for the G8

A fight song for all who raise their voices in dissent
The Siege
The Siege
A fight song for all who raise their voices in dissent

Hello everybody. It's the start of the G8 and I wanted to let everyone know that we have put up (for free download) our song "The Siege". It's our fight song for all of you who are fighting the hypocricy and injustice perpetrated by the G8 and other organizations of repression. Put it in your digital player, copy it, pass it around! Listen to it while you're doing what you need to do to get out the message. We want to be the fuel for your fire! We can't be with you in Hokkaido physically but we're with you in solidarity.
You can download it at  http://www.denlinden.com/siege.mp3 or get it off this page!
Please check out our homepage www.denlinden.com and our MySpace page www.myspace.com/srmspace. Come and check us out in Tokyo!

Sonic Resistance Movement,

great song 08.Jul.2008 06:32


this is a great song.
And so are all the ones over at the myspace pages.