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Be In The Streets! Hands Off The Poor!

Be in the streets July 9th at 5pm. Help end police harassment! Meet up in the North Park Blocks by the elephant for a brief rally, followed by a march. Police harassment of the poor and houseless has spiked as the city is cleansed for the summer festival season.
In response to the targeting of poor and houseless people in the community, a
demonstration is planned for Wednesday, July 9th. It will start in the North
Park Blocks at 5pm. "Hands Off the Poor," a demonstration organized by the
Portland Coalition Against Poverty demands an immediate end to police
harassment and arrest of poor and houseless people in the community.

Bring drums, noisemakers, friends, family, and neighbors. All are welcome. A community forum will be held afterward to address the issues of poverty and houselessness.

Over the last two weeks, over 170 people have been swept from under the Burnside, Hawthorn, and Morrison bridges. Portland city policy provides 24 hour notice before sweeping a campsite. For unknown reasons, the Police Bureau and Clean and Safe have been ignoring this provision and sweeping camps without notice. Campers are awakened with a loud speaker (although reports have come back of people being kicked in the head to awaken them) and given two minutes to collect their possessions. Tents tarps and sleeping bags are slashed with box cutters by Clean and Safe and thrown in dumpsters. There have been threats from the Portland Police Bureau and the Parks Bureau against campers.

Portland Coalition Against Poverty is a group dedicated to ending poverty through community empowerment and the dismantling of the institutions that perpetuate inequality and oppression. Our major campaigns are formed around immediate issues within the poor and houseless communities, while building a framework for long term community driven solutions.

<video><coming soon> Protest 09.Jul.2008 21:02

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I went to this and filmed it
There was about 150 - 200 people when it started maybe 75 - 100 at the end
only one arrest (j walking and blocking traffic)<a token joke ticket>
(it was a stupid ticket that took about 6 police and 20 minutes to do)
This was near the begining of the march when the march stopped by the (sic)CLEAN & SAFE office in old town

The protest moved on up 2nd street and then circled the cop shop once then moved on
No cops came out to see ...?

But at least 25 - 30 police were seen by me throughout the march following in cars or parked along the way

A forum was held in the parkblocks at PSU for all those who are not going to be able to speak at the 10 year plan committie. People told reports about what was happening to them and some of the messed up services or treatment by the police over the past few months

One month from now a second forum will be held across the river.

The video will be completed asap
It may take till the first of next week due to my busy schedule before I can post the finished version

<video> j walker gets ticketed at poor people protest 10.Jul.2008 16:23

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is a quickly put together - 10 min video on YouTube - of the j walker getting ticketed that was with the protest march. He did get two tickets from this.


there is more footage <soon to come> of the forum and the protest march

<video> Power To The Poor part 1 16.Jul.2008 00:52

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

This is part one of two videos from the poor people rising up and taking the urgent message to the streets of Portland

Power To The Poor part 1:

<video> Power To The Poor - part 2 17.Jul.2008 01:46

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

This is part two from the protest against the treatment of those that are homeless or are sleeping outside and have been hassled by the police. This was filmed on July 10 2008 in Portland Oregon.

The 61 minute video is on Google:

protesting at the police station 2008
protesting at the police station 2008