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Charles River attacked in solidarity with Austrian prisoners

anonymous communique; repost from  http://directaction.info/
"To all those who lost their freedom for that of the animals (Austrians... ):

Explosive devices were used against an administrative building and against refrigerated trucks at the largest center in France for breeding animals for death under the scalpel: Charles River France - Lieu-dit Les Oncins - 69210 Saint Germain sur l'Arbresle. Tel: 04 74 01 69 69 (RENAUD Real, DRANSARD Thierry and MOLHO-Davide Andrea)

In this concentration camp, each day untold numbers of rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, monkeys (see photographs)... are incinerated after being tortured for months or years.

Others are bred to be sold to pharmaceutical companies like Novartis, HLS, Sanofi... This activity of barbaric torture is profitable, and money motivates this system!

We have not finished with you... The cause is right and nothing can stop the ALF: neither your millions, or repression...

Only you can choose to put a permanent stop to this massacre. Think well Real (with your asshole assassin friends Thierry and David-Andrea) because your decision will be heavy with consequences.

Let us be clear: we are concerned with the whole of the vivisection industry.


*Charles River is the world's largest supplier of animals for vivisection. The company operates over 100 "production facilities" and laboratories in 17 countries.