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"Tell It Like It Is": A Benefit for the Portland Grassroots Media Camp

WHAT: "Tell it Like it Is," Benefit Party for the Portland Grassroots Media Camp
WHERE: Kenton Firehouse. 8105 N. Brandon Street.
WHEN: JULY 12th 8pm - 12pm.
HOW MUCH: Suggested donation $5, Free before 9pm.
DETAILS: Come watch video, listen to hip-hop music and witness art and
media that "Tells It Like it Is!!" Concious entertainment includes:
Blacque Butterfly (myspace.com/blacquebutterflypdx) and Madgesdiq
(myspace.com/madgesdiq), DJ Harmony and DJ'ames.
Trailers from grassroots films that will be featured at the Media Camp
in September, including Walidah Imarisha's "Finding Common Ground in
New Orleans" (www.walidah.com), "Moving to the Beat" (www.moving2thebeat.com),
and "100 Years and Counting", a century old Portlander shares his perspectives,
in a short documentary produced by Tyrone Hines and his work group.

A great opportunity to help shape the next Media Camp by signing up to
share skills, organize, or by telling us what workshops you want to take!
Network with other artists, journalists, computer geeks, and poets.
Participate by making media that night! We'll be screen-printing,
stenciling, shooting video and more.

Visit pdxmediacamp.org to get more details or to get involved.

For your reference:


The Portland Grassroots Media Camp is a weekend of hands-on
skill-shares, media workshops, presentations, discussions and
gatherings aimed to empower people with tools and skills to express
themselves. The camp is open to anyone, emphasizing the inclusion of
those who are traditionally excluded from media representation,
creation and production.

The next camp will be held Sept 12-14th at PCC Cascade. Last year's
camp had over 50 workshops from silk-screening and woodcuts to how to
upload to you-tube, writing a press release, zine: peer editing, video
production and much, much more!

homepage: homepage: http://pdxmediacamp.wordpress.com

awesome! 08.Jul.2008 12:01


I'll be there.